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    FilePlanet links...

    I'm not pretty sure if this is the right section, but, there is a lot of weapons and others from the MSUC page that I can't download since i'm not member of file planet (you have to pay to be member), qhich is kinda lame.

    it's sad that I can't download some finalist because i haven't have a payed account on fileplanet... does anyone have the links from other sources? for now i'm having trouble with all the weapons save for the winner.

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    General misconception. You can register and download for free. Check fore the register for free link here.

    Can't blame you though. This is what happens if you click on the "join now" button

    When will they ever fix it...

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    Your fileplanet log-in is the same as the one you log in to UT3... at least for me it is.

    It's all gamespy network.

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    wow... thats true, thank you.

    still isnt exactly easy to figure by oneself :/

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    It would be nice if you change the title otherwise I'd be out of the job real quick

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