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Thread: Titan maplist

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    Titan maplist

    Installed latest patch4, titan map pack and webadmin.

    Since, I get a few errors on startup and cannot get a valid maplist

    :FSTUNClient starting test 1...
    :FSTUNClient starting test 2...
    :FSTUNClient test timeout, NAT is strict.
    :Unable to find named maplist 'WARMapList'
    :Map voting disabled to to an invalid map list name
    UTVoting: Game voting is enabled
    UTVoting: Map voting is enabled
    UTVoting: Kick voting is enabled
    Scriptlog: Unable to find named maplist 'DMMapList'
    Scriptlog: Unable to find named maplist 'TDMMapList
    Scriptlog: Unable to find named maplist 'CTFMapList'
    Do I need to alter the original maplist in the UTGame.ini or add the maps to the UTMapList.ini?
    Feels like I am missing the obvious.

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    I'm totally lost on how to set up voting and maplists. I've tried doing everything from the UT3 webamin but with no luck. Turned on voting for map, gametype and mutators and yet only gametypes is actually populating in the vote menu, maps and mutators are empty. Anyone care to do a quick guide how how to set this up properly?

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    {DCS} Matrix

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    Was able to read this post and get it going:

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    Quote Originally Posted by M^vL View Post
    Was able to read this post and get it going:
    That is exactly what I was requesting! I am glad to know that I am not completely insane......yet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SayUNKLE View Post

    :FSTUNClient starting test 1...
    :FSTUNClient starting test 2...
    :FSTUNClient test timeout, NAT is strict.
    I am still getting this error followed by:
    DevOnline: failed to register server with error 0x0000005 (No challenge was received from the master servers
    DevOnline: Treating server as private <invite, follow only>

    Is there a required change in the sever command line parameters? Should mutators ONLY exist in the maplist.ini and not included in the startup batch command?


    (Maplist works fine now)

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    I keep losing maps off my maplist

    found this in 'UTMapLists.ini'

    any ideas what to change so the maplist is never lost

    MapReplayLimit=999 !!!!

    But its the AutoEmtpyOptions=?????

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    dave neun
    well we seem to be suffering from the same thing as UNK or a similar situation anyways.

    seems if i add the mutes to UTMapList.ini I get the mutes after the first round for the second though you do not see them in lockers etc. until after the second round>>third round.

    When the third round starts everything is normal with regards to the mutes though My server disappears from the server browser. If I reset the server i am in the browser but no mutes until second and third round and again I get removed from the browser again.

    My server query on my site shows it running with the mutes, proper map etc. and my admin panel also shows the server as running with all the same info as the site query but again it is no longer in the browser. It does show up in my faves however the ping is 0000 and you cannot connect.

    As far as start up commands it seems if I add my mutes to my CMD it will crash the server every time, though they run just fine if added to the UTMapList.ini other then the browser issue.

    I have spent many hours toying with this but have no resolve sorry UNK wish I has good news for you guys. Anyone have a solution to this yet???

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    Here is an example of my maplist w/ muts. I finally got it all straightened out.
    Here are a few key threads for example purposes

    [WARMapList UTMapList]
    Missing Server in Browser:

    Maplist / Mutators / Voting Changes:

    Custom gametypes:


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    dave neun
    actually that is how mine is set up now and has been since i made the post, BTW i cannot find you guys in the browser either...

    I can find a lot of servers and even a lot of my friends servers and some of our servers but not mine since patch2 under the circumstances I described above. You can see my set up HERE I was helping someone else with setting up mapvote.

    the issue is start CMD and having the mutes at start up, and then being able to join it through the browser after the third round ends.

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