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Thread: UT3 Invasion [PS3][Pics][BETA Rev.335][Updated: 7-19-2009]

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    UT3 Invasion [PS3][Pics][BETA Rev.335][Updated: 7-19-2009]

    Name: UT3 Invasion
    Version: BETA Revision 335
    Compatibility: Patch 2.0
    Description: Defend yourself along side other players against hordes of invading monsters. A highly configurable Unreal Tournament 3 Invasion mutator made by RoseBum ThinkTank
    Scroll down for DOWNLOAD

    Our goal is to create an invasion mutator for UT3 which has the same feel as invasion for UT2004, but highly configurable. This is also why this is a mutator and not a gametype. Now you can apply this mutator to any team gametype you like and spice it up with some monsters


    Current monsters
    • Human Skeleton
    • Krall Skeleton
    • Mining Robot
    • Spider (Venom from UT2k4)
    • SkullCrab
    • Slime
    • Ice Slime
    • Fire Slime
    • Antlion
    • ScarySkull
    • ScarySkullGhost
    • Martian
    • BioMartian
    • Martian Skeleton
    • Many more to come

    • Select what mutator to use from what wave to what wave! (LowGrav, SloMo, etc.)
    • Highly configurable waves
    • Per wave duration
    • Random monster spawn from specified monsters
    • Wave queues, so monsters spawn in a specified order
    • Timed waves, waves have a duration in seconds
    • Select which monsters can spawn (and the probability)
    • The time between each wave, to grab ammo/health

    • Easy to use WebAdmin interface where you can change wave configurations and add/remove monsters from the MonsterTable
    • Monster name is specified in the MonsterTable
    • Monster health multiplier (per wave setting)
    • Monster health (per monster setting)
    • Turn death messages for monsters on/off

    • Monsters drop items when they die

    • Customizable wave countdown messages and sounds
    • Visual warnings when you're almost dead (blurry, vague and beating screen)
    • Message when a player is OUT
    • Message when you get resurrected (by an admin)
    • Number of alive monsters are shown
    • When a mutator is added or removed by Invasion, players are notified of this

    Custom monster AI
    • Different monster styles
    • Agressive melee
    • Flying monsters that shoot you from afar
    • Flying monsters that chase you and melee you
    • Monsters that can shoot you from a distance and also hit and charge you closeby
    • Easy to create monsters that use playermodels and weapons

    • You can specify what monsters the portals spawn
    • It has a queue
    • It's destroyable
    • When it's destroyed, it sucks things in before it implodes

    • DM-fktrth-TrainingGround.ut3 (UT2K4 Remake)

    • Create and play coop maps with interesting storylines!
    • Kismet: RBTTMonster Factory
    • Kismet: EndGame node
    • Kismet: PlayerCount node
    • Kismet: SetHealth node
    • Kismet: Monster Resizer node

    • Defend your flag from waves of incoming monsters that are trying to steal your flag!
    • All you have to do for this, is use RBTTInvasion with CTF as the gametype

    Much more to come! The code is always changing on this mutator!

    Changes Rev335:
    -New monster: IceSlime
    -New monster: FireSlime
    -New monster: ScarySkull Ghost
    -Put ScarySkull on fire
    -WebAdmin Interface
    -Monsters have a MonsterID now
    -Configurable: monster name is set in the MonsterTable
    -Configurable: monster health multiplier (per wave setting)
    -Configurable: monster health (per monster setting)
    -Configurable: death messages for monsters
    -Full compatibility with EasyRPG
    -FallbackMonster added, if a monster isn't found, it'll spawn the FallbackMonster
    -Pure bosswaves are possible by leaving MonsterNum blank or setting WaveLength to 0
    -When an Admin resurrects a person, he/she will see a message
    -Resurrect messages go into the console
    -"is OUT!" messages go into the console
    -Monsters clean up their LinkedReplicationInfo when killed
    -MonsterTable moved to mutator class (RBTTInvasionMutator)
    -Monster count on the HUD
    -Multiple 'mutator added/removed' messages on screen
    -Mapmakers can specify where monsters should spawn (Playerstarts/Pathnodes/NavigationPoints)
    -Bots don't spawn as DemoGuy anymore
    -Fixed several Accessed None's
    -MiningBot doesn't drop it's weapon anymore
    -Bosswaves doesn't crash game anymore when spawning unknown monster
    -Monsters to don't move over anymore when switching maps
    -No more annoying bots randomly joining in online play!
    +Create and play coop maps with interesting storylines!
    +Kismet: RBTTMonster Factory
    +Kismet: EndGame node
    +Kismet: PlayerCount node
    +Kismet: SetHealth node
    +Kismet: Monster Resizer node
    +Defend your flag from waves of incoming monsters that are trying to steal your flag!
    +All you have to do for this, is use RBTTInvasion with CTF as the gametype
    Changes Rev88:
    -Invasion compatible with BattleTRANS (translocator mutator)
    -Per map wave config!
    -You can have a bosswave after each wave (only if you want to)
    -LongDragon monster added, might need some more work
    -Current wave number is shown on the HUD
    -Administrator commands (killallmonsters, resplayer, gotonextwave)
    -Added slomo mutator support
    -Added instagib mutator support
    -Postprocessing changes back to map's default after the blurryness dissapears (because of low health)
    -You can choose in the ini file if you want to add translocator to the game
    -Monsters will teleport around when you don't see them, or other way around, this way you will encounter monsters faster in big maps, but also in small maps
    -Slime make BLOOP sounds when you shoot them
    -Players receive messages on the screen when a mutator has been added or removed (still a bit buggy)
    -When a player dies, it shows *player* is OUT
    Changes Rev55:
    -MonsterTable doesn't get scrambled anymore
    -Monsters don't drop weapons
    -Monsters have own damagetype for kill messages
    -Radar and the rest of the HUD always works now
    -Clients connected to servers don't crash anymore
    -ScarySkull has it's own sounds
    -Slimes don't grow from their own kind's goo
    -Ammo replenishes on wave end
    -Missing monsters will kill themselves
    -Added timed waves ability
    -Slimes won't spawn their siblings behind walls/in static meshes
    -Translocator will be added to the game if you want to
    -No more hangs on waves, because monsters get counted
    -Sexy announcer added (ut2k4)


    Some more:


    RoseBum Think Tank

    Code repository:

    Latest version:

    Older versions:

    PlayStation 3

    Servers running this mutator:

    Name: Roseanne's Bum | RBTT 1337 Invasion

    Name: AlterEgo][eXtreme.RPG.Invasion

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    This has come so far in the past year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightEye View Post
    This has come so far in the past year.
    Yes ! Here:
    But your version has potential ! Rename it to >RBTTInvasion< and put a ini-file for the mutator in the package for easier start, like this:
    [RBTTInvasionMutator UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
    Description=UT3 Invasion Mutator.

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    This is not invasion by kearin. Bananna and i made this
    Kearin is just in the credits because he inspired us and is prepared to help. But he does not participate in this project

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    AHHHHHHHHHHHH downloadin now!!!!!

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    Showing this to the Public Truth???

    lmao it was suppose to be a secret thing ya know ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by FooToo View Post
    Showing this to the Public Truth???

    lmao it was suppose to be a secret thing ya know ^_^
    Are you referring to Kearin's invasion? If so, once again: this is NOT Kearin's invasion!
    And this project is opensource: it's source has been online publically from the beginning

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    Small update to the Alpha Demo version:

    I made a mistake in the wave configuration that made it not spawn portals! But now it's fixed.

    So if you want to check out the portals you can get it from here:

    Also I added the INI file HO0815XX was telling about

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    With the new voting menu, I'm hoping to make this a votable game on my server. Anyone tried that yet?

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    So I fianally got my hands on Alpha 2 and soon as I the count down stops this giant blue-ish monster gu spawns and UT3 freezes... any idea wut my problem could be...

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