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Thread: Tech Market / Bazaar Environment

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    Tech Market / Bazaar Environment



    Hello all. I'm a Senior in Visual Effects but I am set on working in the game industry after I graduate in the spring. My roommate and I recently used the Unreal 3 Engine for our first Senior project. We wanted to make an environment in Unreal focusing on visual aesthetics using the power of real-time rather than gameplay and level design. So far all of the modeling is complete and most of the texturing. Many of the props only have ambient occlusion at the moment but many things are close to being finished. We've created everything ourselves over the last 5 weeks using Maya, Zbrush, and Photoshop. We mainly just wanted to get some more comments and critiques before we finalize the level and finish some of the scripted kismet events.

    We have a simple blog cover the last 5 weeks of work if anyone is interested in some of the process. Mike and Steven's Blog

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    look really good

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    Excellent. I really like how this is coming along. Keep up the good work!

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    Thank you . Ill try and post some more updates soon.

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    Nice, I really like the generator type room

    The fountain is really cool too

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    Thank you. Fountain will look really cool when textured

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    Thanks guys! Any suggestions/critiques are definitely welcome. We've been doing everything between the two of us for this environment over the last 6 weeks, and I'm sure we're overlooking things that could be improved on just because of all the stuff we're trying to work on all at once :P That's why we started posting in the forums

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    Here is another corner of the map so far. I feel like this is the weakest corner in the environment. We had the idea of including 3 major assets. (the fountain which is unfinished, this statue, and a furnace/incinerator which is unfinished) Both of us feel that the statue doesnt feel right in this corner but we are unsure what would make it pop and seem more aesthetically pleasing. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, minus the lighting which will be worked on soon. The idea is that this area is not commonly used anymore but this monument represents the founding engineers who built the market/buildings.

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    in the first pic, in the top of the arch the mirror effect in the texture is too visible

    in the statue room...maybe its too confined, and the wall just go straight up

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    The arch isn't a mirror, it is a hallway with stairs going up into another room. There is water dripping down from the top of the arch which is causing that distortion, it's hard to tell in a still screenshot. In the statue room we are thinking about opening it up some more, Thanks.

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