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Thread: Satore addon monsters ideas pls - Continued

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    Parkis G
    Actually I like the default animations with them, which makes them playable. I am eventually going to make a few custom animations for them for the stabbing and lunging motions.
    I also want to have them holding their favorite weapons, and I want to add more if I can find more characters.
    Thought I'd just keep it simple.

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    true, but I guess the idle animations for the playable model as opposed to the monster version should be different

    I mean, it's kinda comical to see chuck standing around holding some invisible gun

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    How about using the Skaarj animation that makes them "scratch" at the ground?

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    Parkis G
    I will look into changing the animations for them to look better, at least until I can get them to look the way I want.
    I appreciate the input, I kinda ran out of time, was trying to get them out before Halloween.

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