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Thread: DM-Station 12 [v. 1.2, 15 Mai 2009]

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    DM-Station 12 [v. 1.2, 15 Mai 2009]

    Map name: Station 12
    Game type: TDM / DM
    Version: 1.2
    Players: 8 - 12
    Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
    Last version released: 15 Mai 2009

    Story / Histoire:

    Station 12 is one of many stations owned by the LRC. Situated on the top of a huge mountain on Alpha system, the station was established following a new discovery during a routine inspection of the soil. In fact, the rocks from the top of this mountain as well as is soil are composed of an energy out of the ordinary. This energy, spreads out from the rocks, it is a form of clean energy, clean enough to power electronic devices as well as certain defense system like the ION cannons. Some devices draw their power directly into the soil. This mountain is also developing a powerful magnetism enough powerful to have a circular field of asteroids. Which is very unusual? Small doses of this energy can be seen at some places; they have the effect of repulse any foreign body that comes close but are not dangerous. Unfortunately for the LRC, the rock energy combine with the high magnetism of this mountain causes the robots workers to malfunction. For various reasons, the LRC had to withdraw is workers robots just before the commissioning of the station and left the station available for future fighting since it is now useless.

    Station 12 est l’une des nombreuses stations d’exploitation de la LRC. Située sur le sommet d’une immense montagne du système Alpha, cette station a été instaurée suite à une nouvelle découverte lors d’une inspection de routine des sols. En fait, les roches du haut de ce montage ainsi que son sol sont composées d’une énergie hors de l’ordinaire. Cette énergie, s’émane de la roche en une forme d’énergie propre non polluante assez puissante pour alimenter des appareils électroniques ainsi que certain système de défense comme les cannons à ION. Certains appareils puisent leur énergie directement dans le sol. Cette montagne développe aussi un magnétisme assez puissant pour y avoir un champ circulaire d’astéroïdes. Ce qui est hors du commun? De petites doses de cette énergie peuvent être perçues à quelques endroits, elles ont pour effet de propulser tout corps étranger qui s’en approche mais ne sont pas dangereuses. Malheureusement pour la LRC, l’émanation de cette énergie combinée avec le magnétisme de cette montagne très élevé provoque de mauvais fonctionnement chez les robots ouvriers. Pour plusieurs raisons, la LRC à dû retirer ses robots ouvriers juste avant la mise en service de cette station & la laisse disponible pour de futurs combats puisqu’elle s’avère inutilisable.

    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]



    FilePlanet, Game-Maps Mapraider, MediaFire,


    Game-Maps, MediaFire




    Extract the archive into :

    "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps" directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The archive contains :




    Copy the USERDATA.JAM file to a data card and insert that into the PS3 console.

    PS: I have to remove the music since the PS3 doesn't support custom music, sorry. BIG THX to "The Demon Slick" for the PS3 cook


    I'm getting beyond 60 FPS playing against 11 bots with my PC. My specs are :

    OCZ 600 Watt
    Asus P5N-D (NF750i)
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0 GHz/1333/6M)
    4 GB OCZ Reaper (DDR2 800 Mhz CAS
    Saphire Radeon HD4870 1 GB
    Segeate 500 GB 32 MB

    Special thx, credits:

    - Odedge for your great advices & feedback. Without you, this map wouldn't never be distributed. You where a great, great, great support all the way from private to final version & I THX you a lot dude. Your the man. Have fun Jeff.
    - SEBASTIEN-NOVA for your great great support & feedback, many THX.
    - {BFG}Bl!tz~, Chaosnight, Thrallala & yubnub for your great support or feedback THX dudes.
    - EpicJon, Lord_PorkSword & ZixXer for your feedback.
    - Genthly, LtClifff, TheAgent & WotPal for your moral support.
    - 3D Buzz, DGUnreal, Hourences, Passion3D, Unreal Developer Network, Waylon Brinck for your free tutorials !
    - Epic for the brilliant (& damn unstable !) editor & assets.

    Custom content:

    The music track, edited by me.

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    nice to see the final m8.

    and em....why have none of my maps had a review?

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    Good, hope you like it

    But heu... what do you mean by a review

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    Hey Steve,
    here come the D-day !
    I can't believe it !

    After so long times and efforts, your baby is finally born lol , houra !!

    I D/L it right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEBASTIEN-NOVA View Post
    After so long times and efforts, your baby is finally born lol , houra !!
    Is it a boy or a girl?

    Congrats Steve on your efforts paying off. The map turned out really nice. I especially like the new platform (with the shield belt) as it gives that end of the map some more z-axis fighting.

    The map looks very nice, plays well and I can tell the effort you put into it. Thanks for the kinds words and I was happy to help some one who cares how their map turns out.

    p.s. You should probably reformat the first post in the thread so there are 3 rows of pictures. This will shorten the width of the first page. It's the beta tester in me, sue me!

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    Most importantly, "l'accouchement" doesn't hurt lolll

    Yup, I'm happy & hope that it run fine on your pc

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    Cool. Nice work Steve

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    Hey g0th

    I know you won't like it, but THX for posting I hope that you will like the next one better

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    Heh, I there are parts of the map that I do like and other parts that I told you about that I find less good.

    Seeing some of the screens from you new map I think that looks really good.

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    My bad...

    i thought you were the go to guy to have my maps ridiculed?

    sorry for being of topic?

    very nice work...hope as much effort goes into the next one.

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