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Thread: VCTF-Essence-Beta1

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    Name: VCTF-Essence (shows up as Essence2 in game, this is based off an earlier map which I had to rename.)
    Version: Beta1
    Compatibility: UT3 PC only at this stage. I will cook for PS3 at later beta.
    Description: A map I made about a year ago but never got round to releasing. Medium sized with many routes between the bases.
    Comments: Quite bare and barren in areas. The terrain in particular needs polishing. Fully bot pathed. Vehicle loadout per base:

    2x Manta
    2x Scorpion
    1x Hellbender
    1x Cicida
    1x Viper

    And a neutral SPMA in the middle.


    center of map

    View towards centre from base

    Outside of base

    Inside base

    Release Notes: Please read

    To do list:

    *Level description, menu screenshot, radar image
    *Add more colour and variety in the outdoor areas
    *Remove the outer rock walls to get rid of the "boxed in" feeling.
    *Some small collision/visual bugs around the place
    *Water in bases needs improvement.
    *Bots dont like to use the cicida.

    Put the 3 files into:

    Username/Documents/My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Published/CookedPC/Custommaps

    Create this directory if it doesnt already exist.


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    I'll download this and try it out and provide some feedback.
    It seems your archive is corrupt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicious3745 View Post
    It seems your archive is corrupt.
    Not sure why it should be- whats the problem with it?

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    Sorry for the double post but I'd like to bump this and see if anyone else can verify that the zip archive is corrupt.

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    i donwload it and i cant open it there is some thing wrong with the file

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    Okay Ive uploaded another file. Heres the link, Ive also edited it into the original post.

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