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Thread: Looking for people to play with on x360

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    Looking for people to play with on x360

    Sooo I just got this game recently and am finding it amazing and also underated as none of my friends seem to have checked it out, so I decided to see if i could get a bunch of people together that wanted to play it toghther that talks and uses some tactics but just for fun also. If you want to play toghther leave your GT or add my GT which is Voodoo Jive. Also dont leave your GT if your younger than 16, you shouldnt be playing the game the first place if your 12-15 so dont make me out as some ****

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    isn't it rated 18, so if you're younger than that technically you shouldnt be playing. But hey they still do

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    no you have to be 17, and I dont wanna play with little kids who are like 12 with super annoying voices alright, sry.

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