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Thread: How to reduce ping?

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    How to reduce ping?

    I mostly play in the mornings, so most servers that are active are usually from another country, and thus high ping.

    Is there a way to reduce ping? I just upgraded from 5 Mbs/s to 16 Mbs/s on my cable modem and I don't notice any change in ping?

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    ping is the amount of time for a chunk of data to go from your comp, to the server and back, you can increase your bandwidth to 1000000mb/s but your ping will stay the same.

    the bandwidth amount will reduce the lag during intense data transfer, such as downloads, lots of players in a game of UT3, or even just browsing the web. it will not however reduce the slight latency you get in a game.

    you can change the service provider, or the type of service (cable/dsl/fiber optic/etc) to change the ping (need to do research to find out which one is the fastest in your area)
    but even then, your ping is half based on who is hosting the game/download/website. so the change may not even be noticeable.

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    Or to put it in a different way, there are many factors that effect ping. There is only so much you can do, but you have to make sure your end is good. After that options get more drastic.

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    You're in Wisconsin, right down the road from all the Chicago servers. You don't have the right to complain.

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    Well, I'm from Saskatchewan.

    'nuff said.

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    There is, or was, a very expensive NIC card you could buy, that was advertised as being optimized for minimal ping. It probably would shave a few microseconds off, for a couple hundred dollars.

    Yeah, this one

    Wow the reviews on that thing look really terrible...

    I do think some NICs/modems will give you slightly better pings than others.

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    There is a service called gamerail that routes your data on a special network for gamers which can drastically reduce your ping but I doubt it works to Europe. You might want to look into it though.

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    On ADSL Lines - there is a feature called FastPath - which drastically improves the ping times. ISP's usually charge for it in Europe though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haley[ACS] View Post
    On ADSL Lines - there is a feature called FastPath - which drastically improves the ping times. ISP's usually charge for it in Europe though.
    Correction, only in Germany they charge for it.

    In the rest of Europe it's quite standard to have fastpath, you just get it, always, no matter what.

    I dunno how this is in the US.

    Upgrading your connection to get more data a second will ofcourse, never give you lower your ping. Except maybe if you upgrade from a 56k connection

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    good lord

    In my part of the US, the approved method is to harangue and wheedle your ISP into getting somebody at the phone company to punch the requisite button for you.

    Which I will be doing later today.

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