I'm getting these wierd frame 'chokes'. I just reinstalled ut2003. The game runs super smoothly due to new hardware on my computer, but after a while, the frames started to freeze for .5 seconds or .2 seconds whenever looking at other players or random small things. escpecially more frames are dropping for longer times when any intense combat is happening. It kills me so much...
I did some reasearch and found that it only does this if rmode=5 or rmode=7
rmode 7 is some kind of lighting only mode. I don't know where to begin with this problem.
I changed all the details settings and resolution settings and sounds to the lowest setting and it's still the same. The only thing that works is changing rmode to somthing besides 5 or 7.
Am I just overheating? It's like this permanently. even after I restart the computer after a rest, boot the game up and it instantly does it again.

details: Geforce 8600 gts, AMD Athlon 3000+, 1 gig of ram. Windows XP SP2. Running AVG. I switched from McAfee to AVG hoping it would fix the problem... nooooo.