no, not a UT3 movie. I made a few of those but have harassed you all enough to watch them. This time I made a Team Fortress 2 movie!!! And posted it on the Steam TF2 forums!!! And the thread got 200 views and then slowly faded to oblivion with only one comment!!! No wait, it faded in a matter of hours. YAY

So, if any of you guys are interested in watching a TF2 vid, maybe those who liked my UT3 stuff, here's a link for j00.

Here's a copy/paste from that forum:

"My brethren, I tried to make a decent quality TF2 vid/gameplay montage... the resolution is high (1280x720) and encoded in BINK.

The site should allow you to pull anywhere from 500-900k/sec, so though the file is large (680mb!), it shouldn't take more than half an hour on fast broadband connections.

I'd love to hear what j00 guys think.

Because I have brain farts, I didn't change the BINK file to .exe, so you'll need the RAD TOOLS player to view it (it's only like a meg and should be endorsed by Valve or whatever )."

Aight friends I go now