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Thread: [HELP] Avoid bot spawning

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    [HELP] Avoid bot spawning

    I have tried all the afternoon without success...
    I have to make a custom gametype that extends UTDeathMatch in which bots will not spawn at all, even if in the game menu it has been chosen a number of bot (for eg 4 bots but they will not spawn after the match is begun).
    How can I do that?
    Thanks in advance for the help...

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    i am actualy haveing the same problem as you dude i wish i hade sdome anser if i get some in my thread ill tell you though

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    I hope that someone will help, even overriding all the classes that spawn the bots brought no success...

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    In not sure but overriding the classes themselves wont do anything. You'll need to override the functions that spawn the bots...

    EDIT: Oh wow, I just realized this thread is over a year old lol. My bad.

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    Solid Snake
    function UTBot AddBot(optional string BotName, optional bool bUseTeamIndex, optional int TeamIndex)
    Overriding this function would probably prevent bots from spawning.

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