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Thread: DM-1on1-Instinct-Q3T5 [PICS][DL][PC]

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    Fair enough then!

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    It's a very nice map and it bears a good resemblance to the Q3 original.

    However, there's one thing I noticed, gameplay-wise: once somebody manages to get the shieldbelt, it's a piece of cake for him to collect the damage amp aswell (once you see your opponent already making for the shieldbelt, it's very hard to be at the amp before him, because you need the jumpboots to be faster, otherwise it's not possible) and if he has both, he's nearly invincible. So that's a very big effect if you miss out on the timing just a little...
    The amp needs a ramp leading up to it big time I'd say.
    I'd even say that two of these powerups are too much for a 1on1 map ... but that's not the point. It's good as it is, only a ramp to the amp is missing, otherwise it's too easy to just get both powerups at once and have an imbalance in gameplay.

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    people can any body make blood run?

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    excellent remake!

    OK people, for the last time, the gold/orange/whatever fog is supposed to be there and IS in original Q3 map ("Fatal" Instinct) and without it the map is just like the author said. Also, I'm not really sure there is an imbalance in the gameplay because there is other items to get to balance out against your opponent; besides, isn't that what makes it fun anyway? This one has the same cool gameplay as the original Q3 map with added details for UT3 and good music; looks like the Necris had a hand in this one. I like the spires and domes as well as higher shield belt location and the bot is good. But I'm not sure the small armor powerup is worth the risk in the biochamber even if there is a quick and easy route.

    EDIT: just played DM-Fatal Instinct by DJ Posse (I didn't even know I had it until I checked) and it is definitely a different experience and I like the fact that the small armor is easier to get to. Though it definitely losses a little in the translation.

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