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Thread: Is Blender Compatible?

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    Question Is Blender Compatible?

    I am starting to learn a 3d application called Blender (most people in the 3d community know about it) and i was wondering is it compatible to work with Unreal? I plan to try to make my own custom content for my levels.

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    Short answer: Yes

    I believe there is a working .ase exporter for doing static meshes. If you are doing vehicles or characters I have no idea how it's done(maybe collada?)

    Steven Horton uses Blender, he's working on the UnWheel mod, he posts on this forum under the name UnWheelModeler I think, ask him ;P

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    K thanks Have a good day

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    Yep, I started with Blender... no problem exporting .ASE files to Ued.

    You might also take a look at OGRE... it is also a free 3D engine, and a little easier to understand I think.

    But if you want really easy with not as much functionality then give google sketchup a try... also free.

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