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Thread: [Anticheat] Screenshot Sender Final [Update]

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    Guest is missing from the install package....

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    Quote Originally Posted by xi0s View Post is missing from the install package....
    you can always create them yourself by using these commands with Run->Cmd

    C:\UT2004\System\UCC.exe dumpint C:\UT2004\System\ScreenSenderF1U.u

    and for the .ucl

    C:\UT2004\System\UCC.exe exportcache C:\UT2004\System\ScreenSenderF1U.u

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    Thanks that works. Also the .ucl file is not missing from the package, only the .int

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    I replied already here?

    The .int file is not needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unrealkry View Post
    When I use the package renamer, I always get an error saying 'Both the package name and mutator name must be the same lenghth as the old name.'
    What does this mean? Because I've tried all sorts of differant names and still the same message.
    I extracted all the files into the same folder and ran the screenshot sender name changer.

    What am I doing wrong?
    LOL, So I found this post from a couple years ago, I'm going to give this another try...

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    Tried this last night doesn't work, mutator shuts down after every map change and does not take screen shots.

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    That's most likely a configuration error on your side.
    • "mutator shuts down after every map change" - using map vote with a mutator list? Make sure you add it to the list.
    • "does not take screen shots" - did you configure it to do so automatically?

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    this is a cheater "detector", but I have seen in this thread th word converter, why is that? would like to know

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    It doesn't detect any cheats directly (except for disconnects right after receiving a screenshot request), and the converter is necessary because it doesn't output ready-to-use image files, but a list of numbers in a text file. The converter turns the numbers into actual images.

    That's related to a limitation in UT2004's output options. You can only create data packages or text files. For my own rewrite of this mutator (which you shouldn't really hold your breath for) I found a way to sort-of create actual images: the data is base64-encoded and wrapped into a small HTML file using the data: URL scheme as source for an <img> tag.

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    ho! so the mutator gets images that are located in text that are images that came from other players screens. ho had this idea tought well

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