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Thread: Heavy Weapons Guy

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    Bret Hart
    Quote Originally Posted by Squizmek1 View Post
    looks very nice! Regarding proportions, the stomach is a little bigger than the TF2 version isn't it?
    This one's been exercising lol

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    Yo thats an awsome mod man i just wish i could USE MY MODDED CHARACTER! can anyone tell me how?

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry for being all silent for MONTHS. I'm sure I pissed off some users here by doing that, but life has been incredibly busy the last couple of months, I'll probably have to relocate in a couple of months and am constantly working to pay the bills.

    Having said that, the chances that I'll wrap this up are close to 0 now. Not because I don't like the character, but because I simply don't have the time. Zero. Nada.

    Yet, if some awesome character artist who knows his **** and could promise me that he'll do a good job wants the character and all the assets that I did (they would still need to be cleaned up quite a bit), in order to put him into games, then I'd certainly hand over all the material, so that you guys could still be able to play the Heavy.

    Sorry again, but I'm just crazy busy working on projects and this was a complete free-time venture. I think it could be wrapped up in a couple of days, but a couple of days are quite a bunch of hours and atm, I don't have that amount of time to spend.

    If you like my character art, feel free to visit

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    Such talent! The stuff on your website is just out of this world. It's a real shame you can't finish it yourself. I'd be honoured to do it if I knew the first thing about modelling.

    I really hope that if you do find some spare time in the future, you'll visit us again.

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    I wish it was just talent, heh. In reality, talent = huge amount of work + a big sack of patience and perseverance. And it still isn't enough.

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    This is great, I really wish you had time to finish it. All of your work is of the highest quality.

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    Freakin cool

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    I'll bet the girls are wary of him on a date "he's all hands". Great work, thanks for the posts.

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    thomasmahler, maybe see if you can hand over the model to EvilEngine. cos hes very good at working with models and maybe he could fix it up into a working state if he has some spare time.

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    Dude that's pretty awesome, though i have to admit a bit grimier than i expected xD

    Those hands look, really, really messed up on a real guy o.o

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