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Thread: Heavy Weapons Guy

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    Hey guys,

    Glad you like him I'm still wrapping up the texturing and baking the rest into the model while learning about the Unreal Engine.

    @Jingato: The model's in the game, so I think you'll be able to rip it out of it anyway, so maybe

    @MrUglyPants: Nope, don't have the time to do the whole team in that style. That'd take me weeks of work. So I'll finish the Heavy and another model for my folio (which is actually Gordon Freeman, here's a preview: and call it a day

    BUT! I have a nice little gift for you guys. I blocked out the Pyro class and put the blocked out model online. It's by no means finished, it's just a blocked out proxy, but it'd be a pretty good start. Here we go:

    And the obj file:

    I'll keep you guys updated.

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    nice one thomasmahler!

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    Awsome model, my fav in TF2 . But why do he look so old in the face?

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    Been texturing some more - And trying out some Sin City Action directly in the Maya viewport, heh

    I'm not too sure about the texturing, though. It's probably too detailed and too noisy, too much going on compared to Team Fortress 2 Style, but we'll see how it works out. Hope you enjoy the progress!

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    Plz make him talk like from TF2 and keep up the awesome work!!

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    HOLY CRAP i cant even make a ****ing stick properly (believe me ive tried and experiemented for ages wishing i could create cool stuff) in any 3d apps that is really really nice!

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    Wow, is all I can say...The only other multiplayer fps I ever play is TF2...this is the coolest thing I have seen on these threads yet!

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    you should stop, otherwise you will become a lot of problems. that charackter is licensed for "team fortress" only.

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    You gotta port this to PS3 when your complete with it. It looks amaznig.

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    I kept going a bit, here's a small update, right click and save target as (Quicktime can be quite *****y in browsers):

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