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Thread: Rodents Faction - Bunnys&Mice - V1.0 - PC&PS3

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    Thanks for the heads up

    PS3 fileworks mirror

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    I'm diging out the topic

    I have a strange trouble with Jazz Jackrabbit skin (others models mouses and rabbits i didn't test). So, although I have in utcomp footstep off, i hear them at all servers with utcomp. Why? I have many customs characters, but never i hear footsteps, when i play them... because i have off this options. Do You have same problem - players, who play JJ skin?

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    THE link to file front and Skincity are dead..i know is 2012 now..but in the mood of replaying it XD
    Can someone generous enough to upload them back..The PC, OF COURSE JAZZ the jackrabbit and the action cam fix. Thank you in advance

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    Steve Hive
    Try google i recently got them from ut-x net.

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    thx but...
    I already try that link but its always give me 403 Forbidden.

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    Steve Hive
    That's strange.
    I suppose you selected "Ich akzeptiere" and then pressed klicke hier, um fortzufahren.
    It worked for me.

    if don't have a game-front account.
    Otherwise i can send you later. Let me know.

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    Private Tux
    Same way, could be blocking IP address in individual countries to access the link you posted; but you can PM him if possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Hive View Post
    the link work after i hide my ip address thank again

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    Steve Hive
    You're welcome.

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