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Thread: PS3 mod cooking update

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    Great news, hopefully mod makers don't mind converting some of their maps and mutators over now. There are a ton of great ones I'd like to have.

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    I noticed over on Filefront that there are no models or skins yet for the PC version is this because Epic isnt allowing new Char models in this game or is it because of the complexity of creating a new player model for this game.

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    There are new models such as the xan one that has been created.

    Use the forums, there aren't enough mods yet for filefront to be used for models etc.

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    Unreal Editor PS3 Beta Mod Tools Up For Grabs!

    Someone plz cook the 3rd person mod plZZZZ

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    how do you save for ps3? the cook button? i don't see anything under export or save

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    I'm confused. Has it officially been released then? I see some other threads being deleted and people saying Epic isn't going to release it until tomorrow. But the download is online. Is it working?

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    Apparently it's released, but where's the official post? I think someone who was testing it leaked it.

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    Ah jeez...well if it was a leak I hope its at least the finished version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laggmaster View Post
    hmmm i wonder if anybody has thought that UED could be ran on a ps3 verry easily and with little problems. all it would take is being able to dump the disc to your ps3s Harddrive and then have a UED specially coded to run on the ps3 and access the ut3 files that it would need. It would required a mouse and keyboard and some other things like that but it wouldnt be that far fetched. the ps3 has more than enough power to run the apps needed.

    nothing is impossible just improbable. a one in a million chance is still good enough odds to pursue something at all costs. just get some of the pc guys problems fixed first because they are still your base community and need to be well taken care of if you want to see the ps3 version live.

    I know Mark or anyone will probably read this post but for those of you who did thanks for listening to my incoherent babble.
    I'm sure EPIC has gone over the possibilities already. But consider if ya makes some direct PS3 mods you gotta cookem back to the PC too....

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    Well the first mod cooked with the updated tool set does not work:

    It doesn't look good for PS3 users.

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