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Thread: Weapon Texture Pack (for modders making custom weapon skins)

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    Weapon Texture Pack (for modders making custom weapon skins)

    Weapon Texture Pack

    What is this?

    A collection of the diffuse, normal map and specular textures for each weapon in UT3. Unlike previous versions of UT, you can't just export the textures out of the editor, as it won't let you, so all I did was rip them out using TexMod and sort them into groups, making it easier for people modding weapons to modify and import new skins for the models.


    Here: FileWorks (47.41MB)


    It's kind of hard to preview this, but here are 6 skins that are in the pack:

    A small rundown

    The pack is split into three folders, each containing particular weapon textures:

    Diffuse: contains the "overall" diffuse texture for each weapon - this is the main skin you will see in the game.

    Normalmap: contains the normal maps - these are used to add bump mapping and depth to the skins.

    Specular: contains the specular textures - again, these add extra detail and "shine" to the skins.

    Who? Where? When? Why!?

    Parser did this, you can find him at (try the forums).


    There is a small tutorial in the readme file that explains how to import your textures, set them up as a material, and then replace the weapon skin through unrealscript!


    I hope somebody finds this useful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parser View Post
    I hope somebody finds this useful!
    Thanks! I'm sure they will.

    Personally, I'd find it a lot more useful to know in as much detail as possible just ho you got hold of these skins & spec/bump maps - I've been trying for what seems like yonks to export the skins outta UT3, with no luck.

    I just googled TexMod & I got a load of results ranging from Tombraider to Guildwars mod pages, so forgive me if I'm a little confused as to ho you went about it.
    All the best matie, & cheers once again for making the texes available.

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    Very useful idea, maybe you could help again with some character textures, not for me but for the other character guys, cheers a pint for you the next time

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    Thank you SOOO much, you deserve credit for such a good work... Stealing textures with texmod is boring =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~{ISC}~Jigen View Post
    you deserve credit for such a good work...
    wtf, seriously?
    It's not his work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-FROG View Post
    wtf, seriously?
    It's not his work.
    Yes it is? I loaded up Texmod and went through UT3 exporting all the textures I thought looked like they belonged to weapons. Then I opened UnrealEd and spent a good amount of time matching each type of texture (specular, diffuse and normal map) up to each weapon. I then put the textures in separate folders, packaged them together and uploaded it for modders to use.

    What was the point? So other modders didn't have to spend time ripping the textures out of UT3 with Texmod themselves, because you can't export them through the editor any more. So I do all that and then you're telling me it wasn't my work? Cheers for that.

    Thanks for rating the thread as well.

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    thanks Parser, came in handy for me

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    Could someone please gold-plate the sniper rifle. I've always wanted to have a gold plated sniper rifle for some reason, like a FPS Scaramanga

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    The Beester pack does this pretty well I think -

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