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Thread: Noob Log question

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    Noob Log question

    Hi guys

    im confused - before in UT2004 you could type showlog in the command prompt and it would display a very nicely detailed box in the top left corner spitting out events etc.

    now in UT3 it just jumps out of UT3 and displays a DOS command prompt which is very messy

    is there an internal log display or is that it?

    im pressing tab to bring up the command promt (before i believe it was tilde)

    i have to keep alt-tabbing to see the log which is quite annoying

    nooby thanks

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    Run in windowed mode via -windowed on the commandline for UT3.

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    Mr Evil
    And get a second monitor. You will find it invaluable for this sort of thing.

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    lol thanks guys

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