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Thread: CD_The Longest Yard_2007 Final 1.6 released [UPDATED]

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    Th3 Duk3
    ooohh tx

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    You little bugger, i am actually working on this remake as we speak! Damn! you beat me to it. Ive got it running on my dreamcast next to me! I forgot how good this game is!
    You have just killed my motivation!! lol oh well....

    Saved me the hard work! lol

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    hehe this is one of four remakes of this level I know about. The field is a little crowded.

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    Just played this one. Looove the music! Great map!

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    Awesome Map!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by guyver2077 View Post
    Awesome Map!!!

    Thank you! It was fun to remake!

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    Best dm map ever

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    Brilliant map! Best dm map indeed! (As ReborN said)

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    Thank you! Sorry for the WAY LATE response! I have been working alot of overtime and trying to get my next release ready!

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    Q3DM17....a review........good one!

    I like this CrimsonDeath remake of Q3DM17, but first let me try and give some quick historical reviews of remake maps I have for each game:

    Q3DM17 - The Longest Yard (Q3) - obviously, the original Quake3Arena version and I love the simple design and the clean look with the details in the textures, the skybox is blackness, gameplay is good but I still don't like the falling in any of these versions.
    DM-LongestYard][ (UT) - a simple remake for UT with even simpler textures, nice view of the Earth, planet and nebula, seems the only way to beat the bots at times in here and the other UT version is to grab the sniper rifle and start popping heads.
    DM-Q3DM17+ (UT) - Kinda like the original Q3 versions mirrored and added middle section with spikes and cool Q3 designs are back; totally different map but some jumps seem a bit off; map is actually about 3 times as large but still a sort of remake nonetheless.
    DM-LongestYard2003 (UT2003) - I like the moons, planets, aurora, asteroids, aqua lights and jumppads, different designs, bots are tough but not impossible, gameplay is spread out a bit more but still fun.
    DM-MF-TheLongestYard (UT2004) - Actually, this is the only UT2004 version I have (except for the one by Likwid and one by Odedge...then there's the one by LIPRampage) but it's pretty good. Instead of blackness like Q3 original it has dark clouds and haze for a skybox and it works well. I like the black/yellow striped trim and the custom jumppads (more than one design). I also think the scaling is done well to fit the UT2004 movement which results in good gameplay and decent bots. I also like the custom music.
    DM-Q3DM17 (UT3) - straight port by Luk 333; this is a good port; this one has the black skybox just like the classic Q3 version, slightly different textures/meshes and custom jumppads, so some things have changed but it's mostly a straight port. I thought the bots were a little easy compared to other versions (Q3, UT, UT2003, UT2004 and UT3), but they were also easy (possibly easier) in Yard-SE. I think I missed a couple jumps with the jumppads in one match, but I can't remember for sure if this was the map.
    DM-Yard-SE (UT3) - First, I want to say that the ambient sounds seem fine to me, all the sizes of the platforms and stuff work fine for me, and all the jumppads are perfect! This is a good remake with the sun and nebula, but you could have left out the blinding (ok, not really that blinding) flash sunbeam thing. I like the nice golden brown/gold (bronzed) color to the whole map and interestingly blue teleporter design as well as all details for UT3. The bots are good and, oh yes, the gameplay is a fun as the original Q3DM17 map and any of the other remakes.

    This version by CrimsonDeath definitely has the best music ("Click Click Boom") and I like the Earth, fiery vortex, planet, sun, asteroid belt and flying space debris; the textures/meshes were definitely upgraded for UT3 and I like the cloaked figure by the sniper rifle; the gameplay is good as ever and the bots can give you a tough match at times; I noticed the added jumppads at each corner near the flak cannons to jump to get stuff on added platforms and not really sure I like this or it was necessary. All 3 remakes for UT3 are good and all have their pros and cons; I can't really decide which one I like best though. Just try all of them.

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