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Thread: Canvas.Style to render texture???

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    Canvas.Style to render texture???

    I wanna draw a translucend texture, but i seems that Canvas class don't have more the Style, anyone know how to draw a texture traslucent, like style=3 in Unreal Engine 1 or 2

    In UE 1 and 2

    Canvas.Style=STY_Translucent; or Canvas.Style=3;

    In UE3?

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    You need to use DrawMaterialTile instead, and set the Materials BlendMode to be translucent.

    Keep in mind, when rendering on the canvas, only the Emissive and Opacity values are valid.

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    I had used Canvas.Style for drawing text, how should I update that for UT3?

    I wouldn't use DrawMaterialTile for text, or would I?

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    No, text rendering hasn't changed at all (to include font support, for better or worse).

    Also, for rendering textures, you do not, in fact, need a material :

    1) Create a texture with an alpha channel (I use TARGA .tga format)
    2) Import your texture into a texture package
    3) In your code, call Canvas.DrawTile()

    The thing to play with is Canvas.DrawColor.A. Setting the alpha channel will affect how transparent your texture shows up as.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pfhoenix View Post
    No, text rendering hasn't changed at all (to include font support, for better or worse).
    But Canvas.Style is not there anymore. I was asking how I do it now. All I used the canvas for in 1 mod was to write text, and I would change the Style of the Canvas depending on some conditions.

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    You don't need it. The "style" is determined by the texture itself. You can't have a color-keyed texture any more. You need to create textures with alpha channels for masking.

    You only have two options :
    1) Do as I wrote
    2) Do as Bonehed wrote

    My method negates the need to have materials that you won't otherwise use. Bonehed's method allows you to do fancy processing on a texture before rendering it.

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    i need Canvas.DrawColor.A = 0 and Canvas.DrawTile()?

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    use this..
    	H.Canvas.DrawColor.R = 255;
    	H.Canvas.DrawColor.G = 255;
    	H.Canvas.DrawColor.B = 255;
    	H.Canvas.DrawColor.A = 0;
    you want transparent green? use this..
    	H.Canvas.DrawColor.R = 0;
    	H.Canvas.DrawColor.G = 255;
    	H.Canvas.DrawColor.B = 0;
    	H.Canvas.DrawColor.A = 130;

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