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Thread: UT3 Translocator

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    Angry UT3 Translocator

    I can't seem to get my translocator to work right. When i'm in multi player online it works but offline it won't work. My hover board works but no locator, and no option to turn it on. I went into game ini and put it in and now it shows in the priority window but still won't come up in DM. Can anyone help with this? Thanx

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    Some one will correct me if i`m wrong :P
    But the trans as far as i know is for ctf.
    vctf. hoverboard
    war. hoverboard

    dm not possable unless there`s a mut out to do it.
    Like i said i could be wrong here.

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    Think that's right. Wouldn't say for sure, though.

    (OT:Great sig there T@F )

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