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Thread: HowTo: Move Settings from a Commandline Into the .ini Files

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    I Pm'ed him about it, asking this

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    Waisted enough time running a server (pmo)

    With only minimal help from the maker of this game, I managed to get a server running. Yes it even appeared in the online list. Played, played, played.
    Then patch 1 comes out. Game runs fine, but not even mildly better, when my (dedicated server) nolonger appears in the list. I read this posting by dubious, spend hours trying to get my server to reappear online. I've had enough, and I mean enough. I spent $79 on this game. I download the (dedicacted server) as well. Unreal is all about the server one plays on. This game I will not recomend to anyone whois not a computer programmer. You would think the game you buy in a store is playable as in, installs, loads up, and doesn't screw up your PC. UT3 not only creates hardware crashes, but nearly does damage to ones pc. Yes I actually follow up on those blue screens it creates. You would think someone would test the game before they offer it for public sale. UT3 was never tested. I don't care what you think or say. Read the forums, full of thousands and thousand of people begging for help. There is none. Games usually come with manuals that nobody ever reads but have the info in them if you should . UT3 comes with nothing. Its like a free for all. Trial and error. By the way, if the game truly was finished, and polished as we certainly were told by the maker, why is there no server management? They tell us "the next patch" Proof positive "NOT FINISHED" Well I'm not waiting around for the next patch. UT was a PC game. I say "was" because it is nolonger. Its an unfinished work. Patched up for the pc world while our struggle gives the maker time to polish it up for the console world.

    I gave Unrealtournament too much effort.
    I recently installed Halo2 and World in Conflict. These games were so poorly made they barely stayed 10 minutes each on my hard drive.
    UT3 will be Uninstalled forever.
    If you want my install key send me a message, its yours just for the asking.
    I'll take caller number 10 as is said in radio. Winner who knew the name of my server gets it.
    I'm done.

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    So when is the sticky going to be updated? tyvm

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    bump again

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    Where i can find UTGame.ini at Linux server?

    # find . |grep \\.ini

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    Start the server once & it'll be created.

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    I found it... in my homedir:
    ~/.Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Config/

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    Bump bump bump bumpety bumpety bump.....

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    Bumpme baby?? Sticky???

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