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Thread: UT2004 XAN for UT3 - updated beta 1.4

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    UT2004 XAN for UT3 - updated beta 1.4

    I'm uploading 1.4 right now. I didn't include any additional playable bot characters only because the size of the package is getting obscene. So I will leave that up to you guys, or just make additional packages some other time. I did update the normal maps with more detail, and touched up the diffuse a bit. The game still dumbs down the texture quality , but it looks much better than before. I think this will be the final beta until I get the custom factions code working so we get actual custom arms, blood,gibs and sounds.

    Beta 1.4:
    Bugs fixed in beta 1.4:
    ...properly set UPK package to ServerSideOnly
    ...fixed some wrist vertices not twisting properly on left arm
    ...added character description, thanks Jafo for those details!
    ...updated and improved textures - can't really get too much detail even though textures are high res and materials tweaked out, seems to be code limitation for speed??
     Add this info to your UTCustomChar.ini
    Characters=(CharName="XAN KRIEGOR",Description="<Strings:XAN.CharLocData.OSC_Description>",CharID="Z",bLocked="false",Faction="Liandri",PreviewImageMarkup="<Images:XAN_UT3_MODEL.pix.UI_Portrait_Character_Xan_Male_Head01>",CharData=(FamilyID="IRNM",HeadID="Z",TorsoID="Z",ShoPadID="Z",bHasLeftShoPad=true,bHasRightShoPad=true,ArmsID="Z",ThighsID="Z",BootsID="Z"))

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    I love you, in a completely proffesional way.

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    that looks ace keep up the good work

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    I love you, in a completely NON-professional way.

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    Cool, is it customizable?

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    Hi Evilengine, i'm very confident you can do it!

    your work is always top notch quality!

    I know you want to import the ut2004 skarrj on ut3 before you finish to make your own uber skarrj, and we are very thanksfull for them too! (in advance he he)

    do you have many plan to import more Ut2004 characters? (ex: echanced /and/or vanilla Ophelia? (trenchcoat as piece or more "armor" suggestion, glasses etc)

    btw good luck, but you don't need luck since you have the talent!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mavado View Post
    Cool, is it customizable?
    It will be, yes. After I figure out the material instance issue, and how to get a properly working custom "family/faction" I will add more parts from other Xan bots. Right now, you can put on shoulderpads,boots and other parts from other characters on him but that looks a little wierd.

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    hell man... this is INCREDIBLE. can you make a simple, and easy tutorial on what u know?

    there are a LOT of people who want to do this

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    Cool, can you import characters such as the Skarrj, Liandri Robots(Colbalt, Thorax, Renegade, Rapier, those guys.) and the Axon robots?( The guy like Xan.)

    Can you just import everyone?

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    Any model can be imported into the game, but at the moment it's easier with models that are put together in sections like XAN. Full, one piece models are a mystery at the moment as you have to use your model thats seperated into several key pieces that get put back together by the game engine. I hope theres a way to import full models into the game without having to break them into pieces, because if not that would be a real limitation in creativity.
    Of course you can import full meshes into the engine, but you can't use them as bots or player models yet.
    As for a tutorial , I will make sure I pass everything I know as soon as I troubleshoot all the problems that come with the model making. I too want to see lots of new characters in the game, and hope more information gets released by someone at Epic because some stuff I'm doing is just hit and miss and wild guesses.

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