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Thread: Object class Created()

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    Object class Created()

    I note that the Created() function is now missing from the Object class in UT3.

    Is there any replacement or do I have to resort to manually calling an Init function when instances are created?

    I suppose there is also the auto state option but I have no idea if that is reliable to be called as an initialisation function.

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    The auto state is handled in Actor.SetInitialState(), which is called after PostBeginPlay(), so it's not available to non-Actor objects either. You will have to create and manually call your own initialization function.
    I guess the reason for Created() to be removed is that UE3 uses non-Actor objects a lot more than previous engine generations. Attempting to automatically call an UnrealScript event for every new object probably was a performance issue.

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    Thanks, that's fair enough

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