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Thread: Yet another problem with UnrealEd...

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    Yet another problem with UnrealEd...

    When I make a static mesh it isnt showing up in any View, all I do is spawn a Axis for moving meshes, when i FIRST made a static mesh it actualy worked but now when i make one they arent showing up, no matter wich one i create doesnt actualy create...

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    thats not a ued problem
    its either 1 to 3 things,

    1 ether the static needs to be scaled up, or the normals are backwards

    or the last option you have static mesh show checked off

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    i have had this problem also

    where can we flip normals or turn it on if they are flipped or turned off

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    found it :

    go to the view port there is a drop down menu on the title bar of the viewport make sure static mesh is selected or checked

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