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Thread: CTF_Ender [Beta3] [Pics] [Updated (once)]

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    CTF_Ender [Beta3] [Pics] [Updated (once)]

    Ok, I am releasing an update !

    1. Greatly improved the botpathing -- its better, but I'll continue working on it.
    2. You can now swim in space !! although I don't suggest it, its open space, not too conducive to the whole "living" thing

    Things to still do:
    1. Add objects to the middle
    2. New routes, tunnels, I'll think of something...
    3. Find a way to NOT die when you translocate from one safe area to another through space...


    Ok, so this is my first map, for anything, ever. I definitely want to get better so please criticize (preferably constructively )

    1. Name: CTF_Ender
    2. Version: Beta2
    3. Compatibility: UT3 v1.1 (no reason it shouldn't work under 1.0)
    4. Description: Two bases with a zero-gravity space area in the middle. Fairly simple
    5. Comments: Things to do:
    1. Improve bot pathing (its horrid atm)
    2. Add objects to the middle space (to allow for cover, etc.)
    3. Add more routes to flags to improve playability
    4. Any suggestions welcome !
    6. Screenshots: All on this page : CTF_Ender_Beta2
    7. Credits: Myself, and Epic
    8. Homepage:
    9. Download: Right Here

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    Wow, really original design. I doubt it will work for iCTF but who cares! Looking forward to following the development of this one.

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    That's a pretty cool map. Although you're right about the bot paths... Only one bot made it to the enemy's base during the whole game and that took him 9 minutes. Other than that, great work.

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    Interresting look :>

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    Very interesting Design!

    Have you Though aborting additional corridors coming out of the sides? Like this:

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    This looks like it's based on the battle rooms in Ender's Game, hence the name of your map, right? If so, I'm curious as to why you made it a cylinder and not a rectangular prism/cube

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    The STIG
    Enders Game?
    that would be really fun if someone could pull off a battle room from enders game (if that's what you're trying to do) Goodluck man
    ill look at it and get back to you.

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    Sweet! Ender ftw! But yeah, this map is def not done but from wht you say you will do it seems like your on the right track. My suggestion for the middle part is to just put blocks or spheres of varying sizes in it, its wht was in Ender's Game and it sounds logical. It also looks like you need multiple paths to each base since teams could easily bottleneck any attacker from getting the flag. Maybe tubes coming out of the ends?

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    Very nice map , haha

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    Looks nice and only thing i can add is for ictf this map will be hard to cap on if the only entrance to the bases remains the same. Will end up a serious bottle neck so maybe other routes out of and into the bases might make it more balanced for ictf.


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