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Thread: iCTF-Impasse[Pics & Working Download][UPDATED]

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    iCTF-Impasse[Pics & Working Download][UPDATED]

    Hey guys.
    I've nearly finished the map so I'll try and get a download link up.
    Things to do are blocking volumes, and bot paths.

    This is my first map and there's probably a lot wrong with go easy on me.

    K, the map is supposed to be quite dark and dingy, kinda like warehouse location.
    So...the lighting looks really dark but not so much ingame

    here are some pics


    constructive criticism very welcome none of the "It's crap, end of." posts I've seen in other peoples threads please.

    Cheers, I hope you like.

    EDIT: Also....If anyone could tell me how to change the jumpad colour and stuff, it'd be much appreciated, I copy/pasted from another map because I didn't know how to make them.
    oh also, I was hoping to put some erie smoke in the middle section (like covering the floor) anyone know how?

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    first- it looks nice, cnt wait to play it and test the scalin =] good job so far. when can we play it cos the theme is great. ANDDD also add some more windows (in the bases) for decorational purposes and cracks in the walls.

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    where did you mean to add windows? In the bases or the middle?
    I'll have a go at cracks if I can

    hmm..the size...It seems a little smaller than the 2k4 Impasse, and the corridors are a little thinner, but I'm hoping it will match the UT3 gameplay better
    The base entrance is a bit smaller which I think will allow a few more flag caps

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    Yeah the windows in the bases- Yeah its better to be smaller than ut2004. good luck on the cracks gonna look awesome- and a few bricks missing wud really make it feel more realll

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    I'm gonna leave the windows and cracks for the moment, just so I can upload it now as I've got work to do!

    I put some really bad bot pathing in....really bad.. sorry...

    The map seems a little bigger with bots in, purely because they're so damn out of proportion...they're tiny!!

    anywho, Updated OP with a link so try it out and give me some feedback

    Oh, and just to add, the UT2k4 version of Impasse I own is made by "Toadstool" however I had no way to contact them to ask if it was OK to remake.


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    It seems like you were going for a dark look to the map, but in some spots, its too dark. For example, like half of the screenshots were too dark to see. I did like the bases however. If you changed the lighting a little bit, I think you'd have a pretty good map on your hands.

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    If anyone has downloaded and played the map could you mention any problems you've had?
    I've noticed you can shoot through the glass, I've a blockAll volume to stop this, but it doesn't work. help?

    I'll put Beta_3 for download when I've fixed the glass and put some better bot pathing in.

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    weapons can no longer fire through glass

    still to do:
    Bot paths.

    the map is ready for online play however.

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    "file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable";
    couldnt DL it, but from the screenshots, I would say a bit more lighting would be good. It looks like you also have blue/red lights on the wall? Maybe adding blue red lighting into the level would help brighten it up a bit (but be careful with saturation.)
    keep at it, looks good so far!

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    hmm.....give it another try, the links work for me.

    The map is brighter in game than in the shots, if you manage to download it and it's still too dark I'll brighten it up some. thanks

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