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Thread: Remember the Chaotic pack?

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    Remember the Chaotic pack?

    I loved the Chaotic Levels & weapons. I hope someone does something like that for UT3. I believe you got that stuff with the Editors Choice Version of UT2k4.

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    Thanks dude. I can't believe they were still working on UT2K4. I think I may reinstall 2004 just to play this latest Chaos pack. Plus I kind of miss 04 anyway.

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    ChaosUT has been one of my most favorite mods for the original though 2004 UT besides Jailbreak.

    But for 2004 Alien Swarm and Deathball are also great to have.

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    Yes, I remember them. Then there was Red Orchestra & Bucinairs. I know it's spelled wrong.. don't remember how they spelled Buccinairs or however the heck it's spelled.

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