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Thread: UT3 editor map wanted in Gears editor?

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    Question UT3 editor map wanted in Gears editor?

    Hi there,

    I have started a map in the UT3 editor, but only because the "how to"dvds were for the UT3 editor. I wanted to use the map i made in the UT3 editor in the gears editor, because i want use the cover and 3rd person/gears models etc...will there be any issues in doing this? its the same editor so i wouldnt have thought so.

    It sounds like a silly question i know...well....maybe it is...but please help regardless


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    The tutorials are the same for the Gears editor because the same editor is used for both Gears and UT3.

    The Gears editor might be more "dumbed" down to only offer specific tools that caters to only Gears, but otherwise, it's the same editor.

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    yea i bought the LE:UT3 and it had all the bonus dvds in it of how to create maps...they are v useful! So i shouldnt have an issue loading my map in the Gears editor then?

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