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Thread: {Vas} UT3 AutoShields v1.2 [Final][FeedBack][Updated-6/24/08]

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    {Vas} UT3 AutoShields v1.2 [Final][FeedBack][Updated-6/24/08]

    Vas UT3 AutoShields v1.2

    This Mutator will give players auto shields that can be set to regenerate after time.

    You can set Shields at +10 every sec until max. If player is hit. Shield reg stops and will come back after 10sec of non fighting. Every hit to player makes timer go down 3 secs slowing the reset of shields. All settings can be changed in INI file!

    Current download @
    FilePlanet Download of VASAutoShields v1.2 or Link to Development Server Download

    This mutator is a updated version from the older UT2003/4 one i created. Hope you like it. If there is anything you want to change let me know.

    • Add config menus

    I dont have the PS2 Cooked version out for this version. Working that. the older version worked and this one should also. if anyone knows how to do this please let me know. Thanks

    Link to old 2003/2004 version

    Copy of the Readme file in v1.2 download.


    First of all, Thank you for using this Mutator.

    It is comprised of several features rolled into a single Mutator to control Shields in game. These features have been in use for quite some time and have a pretty good size following on older UT version with lots of support on the VAS Development Network.

    This Mutator will give players auto shields that can be set to regenerate after time.


    To install this Mutator:

    *Copy the Files in the zip to your ...\MyDocuments\MyGames\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\ Folder.

    The Files should into their correct locations. Examples..
    %zip%\Config\UTVASUT3AutoShields.ini goes in ..\MyDocuments\MyGames\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config
    %zip%\Published\Cooked\ VASUT3AutoShields.u goes in ..\MyDocuments\MyGames\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\ Published\Cooked


    · VAS_MAX_Shield
    This setting will change the MAX Shields for each of the four armor items for players.*

    · VAS_Shield_RechargeBonus
    This setting will change how much shields are added to Player per second when shield recharge is on.

    · VAS_Shield_RechargeTimer
    How much time is needed before Auto Shields comes back on after player was damaged.

    · NoShieldForTop
    Top player with high score will not have AutoShields.

    · NoShieldMSG
    Broadcast message to all players when Top Player changes and does not have shields.

    · RemovePickUps
    Removed Shield Pickups in Map.

    · VAS_Log Debug
    Option only found in INI file. Used to debug code to console and log files.
    0 = No debugs info. 1 = Minimal debug info and errors. 2= more info. 3 and 4 and so on.

    UTVASUT3AutoShields.ini - Default settings


    Server Setup settings

    Development and code
    I added the full download and code to my SVN location. You are welcome to connect and download latest version. If you want to make any patches please do and post in forums or email them to me @
    SVN location @
    I recommend TortoiseSVN

    Current Development Discussions on this Mutator @

    Version History

    V 1.2.010
    * Added in Config Menus
    * Changed Max Shields to equal total shields now. Code will divide for each armor type. Before this setting would end up x4 total shields.
    * Added full download and code to SVN location
    * Misc updates for configuration information.

    V 1.1.0
    * Removed bHideMutator option
    * Added NoShieldForTop, NoShieldMSG and RemovePickups options.

    V 1.0.1
    * First Released version

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    20 seconds of non-fighting for the shields to start regenerating? In Halo it's more like 5.

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    Setting can be change in INI file. Change VAS_Shield_RechargeTimer=5 if you want.

    5 secs was to fast. Maybe 10 or 15 would be better.

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    Updated download default INI settings to




    Plays alittle better :-) If you downloaded the Mutator. Try these settings..

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    Hmmm... a high recharge time slows down the game (makes you 'hide' waiting for your shields to recharge). Camping is not really Unreal like. Oh well, to each his own.

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    The 10 Sec recharge time is not to bad. You dont spend any time camping. 20+ you might see this and i agree with you so i chagned the default setting down to 10.

    Thanks for the input!

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    good to see you making stuff for the community, but, imo, if i wanna play halo ill play halo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KalCorp View Post
    The 10 Sec recharge time is not to bad. You dont spend any time camping. 20+ you might see this and i agree with you so i chagned the default setting down to 10.

    Thanks for the input!
    10 Seconds is indeed much better. Thanks for the mutator.

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    I am just updating my mutators that been around since 2002 for UT/03/04 to work with UT3.

    Some of them even received honorable mentions from Epic for the "Make Something Unreal" Contest. So I must be doing something right for the unreal community.
    I will be working on my other mutators like Volatile Ammo, VASOnFire and the VAS Save to Server. I don’t know if the BIO Invasion will make it since invasion is no longer in game. :-(

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    "#1 - HideMutator
    This will hide the mutator from Game lists so the mutator will not be listed. "

    Listed where? If it is hidden in the server browser it will piss people off for sure, so I hope I misunderstood.

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