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Thread: Weapons that are Overpowered?

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    Question Weapons that are Overpowered?

    Do you guys think the weapons are balanced pretty well or are there some (or one) that are just too powerful? I think they're balanced pretty well. I like how the sniper rifle feels this time around. The small headshot zone feels better than it did in UT99. More gratifying when you get a headshot!

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    More useful than it was in UT99? Is that a typo?

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    has to be, the ut99 sniper is still the most useful gun in gaming imo.

    rate of fire = 5000 rpm
    damage per hit = 5000 hp

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    Stinger is overpowered end of.

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    Oh yeah, about the whole sniper thing. That is sort-of a typo. Mostly just me writing a poor series of sentences. I guess what I meant to say (or how I MEANT to say it) is that I kind-of prefer the smaller headshot zone. That makes it more gratifying to blast someone's face. Let me reword that first post...

    EDIT: Ok, the first post is no literary masterpiece but it makes more sense now.

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    UT99 sniper is one of the weapons that made it a great game, I say up the ROF of the UT3 one a tad, doesnt have to be same. Return the hitbox plz...

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