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Thread: Problem: Games Does not start. PC automatically restarts

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    Problem: Games Does not start. PC automatically restarts

    ive installed UT3. But when i start the game the screens changes black it takes a time the pc is loading, then came a high sound and then the machine restarts. Win XP tells me "System runs after a heavy error"(System wird wieder ausgeführt nach einem schweren Fehler). Can somebody help me with the problem.

    Im using Win XP
    Intel E6600 2,4 Gh Dual Core
    1024 RAM
    Nvidia 7950GT 512MB
    Soundbalster Audigy 2 Platinum
    and the German Version of Unreal Tournament 3

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    Most likely a device driver problem. Make sure you update all drivers you can (Video, Audio, Possibly motherboard/chipset drivers)

    It is easier to isolate if you set windows to not reboot on fatal errors. I can't remember where that is on XP. On Win2k it is under
    Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->Advanced->Startup and Recovery
    Uncheck automatically reboot checkbox.

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    thanks - ive had installed the new nvidia beta drivers an its works fine

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