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Thread: New Scale with Map Construction in the new system

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    New Scale with Map Construction in the new system

    Does anyone know the unit spacing ratios between UT99 and 2k4? Or better yet, what the unit spacing for UT3 will work with as well?

    With all the talk about remakes and whatnot It would be a valuable reference to know what unitcounts in UT99/UT2k4 match up to UT3. The use here is to know aproximately how tall things need to be to properly size everything up.

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    this would be a great thing to know. to expand further, the max distance in urnealunits for dodge/jump/double jump.
    it seems like the scaling in ut3 should be more to scale with ut99 than utk4, due the the lack of double jumping.

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    In all three engines 1 unreal unit = 2 centimeters.
    However, the scale of objects is relative and not real-world.

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