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Thread: Unreal Tournament 3 has Gone Gold!

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    Omnes Vulnerant
    Can we at least see what the menu looks like now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worlock View Post
    Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

    I'll never understand people's rabid need to blindly defend everything. Epic is a for-profit company. People show their appreciation by purchasing their products, not kissing their ass on a forum.
    So if you like a company, have been happy with their products, feel they do actually care about the community they have served so long and faithfully, and then decide to stick up for them in anyway that means you are a sycophant? Buddy you are waaaay off base ... what it means is you are supportive of a company that has always done right by you and brought you hours and hours of fun and enjoyment. Nothing more and nothing less.

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    YEAH!!! Can't wait playing the full!

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    Very good news !!!
    I hope the menu, browser, mouse support, weapons and vehicles and of course the video settings are now improved

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    congrats EPIC! wow, time to put in for vacation. i had saved up 12 days for when ut came out. thank you so much! i wanna cry from joy

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    any Aus dates? or would that be around the same times as Europe

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    20 more days to go ... as sites post their benchmarks, i am ordering my PC.

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    alls cool, UT3's gone gold, eh? Well so much for my evergrowing fear (or want) for a sudden delay...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NakhtiUT3 View Post
    Going Gold just means that they are done coding the game and will start the final verification tests and then start packaging it and sending it out to distributors.
    Actually is means it has gone through QA, and the master disk (GOLD) has been sent off for replication.

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    GM FTW! Whistles go WOOOO!

    Seriously, congrats guys. Cant wait to give you money !

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