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Thread: Wanted – Incursion/Infiltration Game type

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    Wanted – Incursion/Infiltration Game type

    The Incursion game type is based off of Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix’s Infiltration game type, implementing it into UT3 would be a lot of fun and I think would turn out very successful.

    Here’s how it works in SoF2…
    Let’s say Team X is attacking, Team Y is “guarding”. Team X has to steal the briefcase that is in Team Y’s area in which they are guarding/defending. If Team X grabs the briefcase they run it back without dying where their spawn/escape is, for example a car, plane or as simple as crossing a fence or anything of that nature.

    Team X wins by stealing the briefcase successfully or eliminating Team Y.
    Team Y wins by eliminating Team X.
    Teams swap after an X number of rounds.

    Here's the scoop for UT3…

    I’d like to say it is Elimination/TAM with a twist…
    Team X versus Team Y, lets say Team X starts off attacking...Team X's job is to get to Team Y’s side of the map to steal Object X (Briefcase or something more “Unreal” =)) in which they are guarding. As Team X attacks Team Y has time to get in position for defense. When Team X takes Object X the goal will be to try and get Object X back to their escape/spawn point for the round.

    How do teams score to win?
    Team X wins by taking Object X successfully or eliminating Team Y.
    Team Y wins by eliminating Team X.
    Teams swap after an X number of rounds.
    After X number of rounds it met for each team lets say as an example; 5 rounds each, after 10 rounds game ends, map changes.

    How do you kill opponents?
    Like in TAM players will start out with weapons with limited ammo.

    Creativity in UT3
    There is so much that can be done to make this fit into UT3 nicely, especially when the clock is ticking down and the teams are in a huddle 5…4…3…2…1…Begin! You’d get awesome close ups of your teams mates, hey it matters! Even vehicles could be implementing in this, SoF2 never had vehicles so this would be very interesting to see, yet overall I feel it would be a very nice fit into UT3 as an Official Mod.

    Also as for the name “Incursion”, I didn’t want to take Infiltration from SoF2.

    Definition: Incursion - a hostile entrance into or invasion of a place or territory, esp. a sudden one; raid.

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    I played this mod a few times, it's a good mod actually. I'd play!

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