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Thread: READ THIS: Commonly Asked Questions and Solutions

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    Daniel Vogel

    WinXP 64 installer workaround

    1) Click on Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy
    2) Right click on Software Restriction Policies and select New Software Restriction Policies from the popup menu.
    3) Left click on Software Restriction Policies, right click on Enforcement, and select Properties from the popup menu.
    4) Under Apply software restriction policies to the following users: click All users except local administrators. Click the Apply and OK buttons - you should now be able to install the UT3 Demo

    We are currently investigating why it doesn't run afterwards. Sorry for the inconvenience... we certainly would've liked this to be much smoother :-/

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    Daniel Vogel


    Unlike the full game, the demo does not contain demo recording functionality. But not all hope is lost for benchmarking as most maps in Unreal Tournament 3 have a flyby that can be used to benchmark GPU performance of static geometry. This means there are no weapon FX and AI overhead, but at least it's something

    Below is the commandline that we use for this purpose

    MAPNAME?causeevent=FlyThrough?quickstart=1?nocusto mchars=1?numplay=0 -seconds=300 -unattended -novsync -fixedseed -CaptureFPSChartInfo=1 -nomoviestartup

    You may want to remove the "-CaptureFPSChartInfo=1" if you want to use an external capture application. By default data is written to the Stats folder in your My Documents folder.

    Additionally, you will want to modify UTEngine.ini and set bSmoothFrameRate in


    from TRUE to FALSE to disable frame-rate smoothing/ limiting.

    Another form of benchmarking is to run botmatches as a spectator, though the variance between runs is fairly high, so this is mostly good for broader comparisons and trending. Having said that, it does fully test your system the way that playing against bots would and also stresses the GPU via weapon effects, player models and such.

    The commandline that we use for this purpose is

    MAPNAME?numplay=12?timelimit=5?automatedperftestin g=1 -unattended -novsync -fixedseed -CaptureFPSChartInfo=1 -nomoviestartup

    The results of the benchmarking will be put in the following server in the form of a HTML page per level, with newer runs at the top.

    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3 Demo\UTGame\Stats

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    Daniel Vogel

    Workaround for UT3Demo not starting up on WinXP 64 and Windows Server 2003

    We created a fix for the game not starting up on Windows XP 64 and Windows Server 2003 systems. This patch has not undergone the same amount of QA as the released demo so I strongly encourage to ONLY replace the UT3Demo.exe with the one from the patch if you are experiencing the "Modified executable code is not allowed" issue at startup.

    UT3Demo.exe md5sum: 9ac494f243bdd6d71c2d612d8d98fba3

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    Daniel Vogel
    For anyone who is getting this crash:

    "Detected negative delta time - on AMD systems please install,,30_182_871_13118,00.html\par"

    Be sure to restart your computer after installing and before running the demo.

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    For anyone with an Nvidia card getting a crash in kernel32.dll (this does not affect blue/black screen errors), try this workaround:

    First, make sure you are on 163.71 Nvidia drivers.

    If you are an administrator, Open: Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 Demo\UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini
    Otherwise open: My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3 Demo\UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini

    Change the line


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    UT3 detects your computer's hardware and very aggressively configures the game for performance.

    If you're experiencing blurry graphics, lots of jagged edges, and your system meets or exceeds our recommended system specs, it's possible this automatic configuration is the culprit.

    You can override these detected settings by going to the Advanced Video options in the UT3 demo. You can access these settings by:

    - Select Settings from the Main menu
    - Select Video from the Settings menu
    - Select the Advanced button on the Video Settings screen

    Screen Percentage: The most likely reason for an overall low visual quality. If set to 50, for instance, and UT3 was running at 1280x960, the actual image quality would be comparable to 640x480. Set the slider to 100 to force the game's resolution to the resolution your game is actually running at. In the example above, this would mean the image quality at 1280x960 would actually be 1280x960.

    Texture Detail: Determines the quality of the textures applied to the world.

    World Detail: Determines the complexity of the geometry used to render the world.

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    Please don't post questions to our private mail boxes. This defeats the purpose of having a public forum. We want everyone to be able to see your questions and the answers so that the information is shared, rather than being asked again and again.

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