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Thread: UT3 beta demo coming soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilmc View Post
    Hey Mark, good morning from Italian Community.

    This is your personal safety countdown:

    Hope the demo will be out before the countdown runs out, i dunno what will happen otherwise, I heard that some death squads are already watching over you

    (And of course, GG for Epic's work so far, we hope a new gold UT Age will start when the demo is realesed)
    haha brilliant mate, bookmarked

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    Mark Rein
    Quote Originally Posted by imaballa View Post
    Mark is there any update for us PS3 fans? We read Playstation UK visted your Cali HQ and demoed a near complete version of UT3 for PS3, could we get some clues to wet our appetite?
    UT3 for PS3 is in great shape. We have some fan sites in today to play UT3 and we're hoping to get some of them playing the PS3 version as well if time allows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netic View Post
    Read some stuff @ quakenet, it will be release at the same time COD4 Demo is out, by other words, 11 October.
    That would be "2 days" instead of "2 weeks"

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    Hmm, does this mean that if they play the game and no initial bugs come up were looking at this week release of the demo??

    If its a beta demo, surely having bugs in the game isn't a bad thing, even if you find them in advance. It keeps the community on their toes so to speak.

    Great news though.

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    Mark , Beta will have all weapons / gametypes ?

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    haha just tlked to a guy that aparently he has ut2k5 (exsists in his mind i take it), lol woteva game that is, and that u can do headshots with the assult rifles lol, good o, thats one guy that is goingto bumbed out for the rest of his life after i tlked to him

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    What the ? ut2k5 ?

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    Again, my prediction...the 14th.

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    Its about time.

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    [QUOTE=Netic;25009390]What the ? ut2k5 ?[/QUOTE

    Exactly, lol weirdo, thought he knew it all

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