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Thread: [VEHICLE] Noderunner Mk.2

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    [VEHICLE] Noderunner Mk.2

    Well, I've been dropping hints on a vehicle I've been working on, and here it is:

    Noderunner Mk.2
    Type: Quick strike vehicle
    Status/Version: Texturing / Normal Mapping Stage
    Compatibility: UT3
    * Driver - Primary: Plasma guns / Alt-Fire: Anti-Air Missiles
    * Gunner - Primary: Turret / Alt-Fire: Zoom

    Concept: I decided to create a new version of my Noderunner, the first original vehicle created for UT2004. Not a simple port, I've completely redesigned it from the ground-up.

    The mission is the same: go fast, strike fast. Its relatively heavy weapons loadout is balanced by low armor, meaning that it is best used for high-speed transport and hit-and-run operations. With additional firepower provided by the second crewman, you can provide support where your team needs it, when they need it.

    Design: While the original Noderunner looked "okay" for what it was, I've learned a lot in the years since then and wanted to create something more substantial that still fit within the concept. Instead of a speeder bike-type vehicle, the new version is more robust while still being compact. It also will feature animations for the different components, such as animated thrust reversers and a rotary missile launcher.

    Latest Images:

    October 23:
    Getting to close to completion on the main fuselage texture. Most of the weathering is in place along with the specular, emissive, and normal maps. Here's the most recent image:

    Earlier Images:

    October 19: The work on the textures continues. Here you see the Emissive layers in action for the "Red" team. I've also been redesigning the gunner's turret (this shot still shows the old one) to make it tie in a bit better with the UT-verse. In addition, I've been studying the existing vehicles. It looks like I'll need a damaged skin for the NR2 as well.

    October 13: Been working a lot on the specular maps and tweaking the normal map a bit more, plus adding more and more detail. I've been trying to get the HUD texture setup properly, but for some reason I can't figure out how to import a texture with Alpha. [Scratches Head] In Ued3.0 it was dead easy, but no matter what, in the Roboblitz editor it won't take! I might start another post on it to see if I can get some help.

    October 11:
    Latest updates, now in the Unreal Editor with a complete normal map and very early texturing.

    October 8: Here's an overview with partial normal mapping on the fuselage (turret and missile launcher are separate models):

    Cockpit view: The HUD and left/right displays will have animated textures. If I can align it properly, the HUD will also function as a gunsight. In an ideal world, I'd like to display the speed of the machine on one of the displays using a scripted texture, but we'll see how far I can get with that.

    And just for a bit of nostalgia, the original NR:

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    nice looking vehicle there, sounds like you've got it planned to the T.

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    Its looking great, keep it up! I remember playing around with the original NR a few times, it was pretty nice!

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    I remember the Fireblade, when will it come out of Beta? ROFLMAO, just joking.

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    Looks nice!
    I just hope it won't drag down weaker GPUs

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    Thanks for the responses guys. I'm plugging away at it today. Hopefully I'll have the normal maps done today or tomorrow so I can move on to the colors and textures. Then it's on to completing the gun turret and rocket launcher, including final model and animation.

    Quote Originally Posted by XenonG View Post
    I remember the Fireblade, when will it come out of Beta? ROFLMAO, just joking.
    Here you go, LOL. I tried to post it on ModDB eons ago and it never "took". Oh well...

    Quote Originally Posted by re8 View Post
    Looks nice!
    I just hope it won't drag down weaker GPUs
    I don't think it'll have any signifigant impact. The finished model - fuselage, turrets, missile launcher - is about 5000 triangles, less than the UT2004 Hellbender. I don't know if normal maps affect the "weight" at all but the normal map here is far less complex than the character normal maps.

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    Your model of the Noderunner is way better than the original.

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    Thanks for the Download link for Fireblade, lol.

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    keep that up man

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    Latest updates, now in the Unreal Editor with a complete normal map and very early texturing.

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