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Thread: Games For Windows Live

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbizzler View Post

    Where does anything say the console versions are slowed down?
    Slower and slightly larger collision cylinders.

    Having said that, the game will not feel identical on each platform, as we’ve tweaked the game for each platform so as not to compromise the game play on any system. The game plays a bit slower on the console versions, and there is some aiming help (although the system we’ve developed, while very effective, feels quite subtle).

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    Its probably going to be played at a locked frame rate for PS3 version so it wont burn out the console. That and Aim assistance would probably very limited. Mark Rein and Jeff Morris say the games on PC and PS3 platforms are nearly identical. That is with the exception of the control schemes of the game on each platform. Slightly larger collision boxes wouldn't hurt the game at all and Aim help is probably controllable for the sake of options. The optional part being speculation though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.UglyPants View Post
    thank god its not game for Games for windows Live, alot of Unreal fans would be pissed if they had to upgrade to vista just to play UT3 (myself included.)
    AMEN UglyPants!!! So tired of seeing the M$ live bs.....

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    Mark Rein
    UT3 does not use Games for Windows LIVE. We have not decided about cross platform play between PC and PS3. We're not 100% sure that users want that feature but if we get time we'll play around with it and see how it works. In the mean time we plan to be able to serve the PS3 from PC servers so that should help us gets lots of great servers going.

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    Well I hope you make it at least an option if not in the standard server lists (checkbox for 'show console servers' or whatever). Mandatory lists without specification is probably my worst nightmare to say the least, but that's impossible

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    console vs. pc could spawn whole new realms of fun/competition and keep the community larger/longer/more active...

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    I'm sorry, but I bought Shadowrun, and now, really wish I could sell it due to the horrible "cross-platform" experience I've been having.

    Not saying the game is bad per se, but just trying to play it even with "Gold" membership is a chore. In UT2k4, I can load the game and be online in less than a minute. In Shadowrun, it usually takes at least 4-5 minutes, and sometimes I have to sign off and try again later when there's no open online games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chu::LOB:: View Post
    console vs. pc could spawn whole new realms of fun/competition and keep the community larger/longer/more active...
    Not sure fun is the right word...

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    Very good to hear, Mark, thanks a lot.

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    Good stuff, GfW ftl.

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