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Thread: Rocket Launcher...

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    Rocket Launcher...

    Just thinking, maybe it isn't such a great idea to have the rocket launcher have the hold mechanism. Loading up all those rockets and hold them for the perfect shot? I think that would spell a lot of spam, personaly I would prefer the old way of instant fire upon reaching the final loadup. I understand that it helps the user but if you can't time it, don't load it! Just my little rant I guess.

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    You can't hold them for the perfect shot from what I've read. Where is this information coming from?

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    Yes you can and its a good idea.. This info came frm the videos.. you can clearly see the rockets are held (only when firing 3 rockets) in the vids.

    Anyway its a good idea.. but i do see your point.. people will pre load the rockets just in case they meet an enemy and they would already have 3 ready to go... still it is handy... and if you do that you wont be able to translocate anywhere unless your fire..

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    I think willhaven said you can only hold it for a beat... not for long.

    We'll see.

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    Yeah you got about one second to find a target.

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    Ok, some reason I got to thinking it was much longer, one beat is liveable enough. Or not

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    i think you can hold them for a second or 2. just the time for you to notice that it's finally loaded and not kill yourself with the instant firing in the wall

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    Quote Originally Posted by theeDEATHMASTER View Post
    I think that would spell a lot of spam, personaly I would prefer the old way of instant fire upon reaching the final loadup.
    Disagree, many times I find myself letting lose 3 wild rockets because the target has gone, killed by some one else, or just the situation changes making my shot useless and a waste.
    I also find spamming myself, not watching my ammo and only having 1 or 2 rockets left and pre-firing, which is really anoying.

    I would prefer a hold time, say like the charge bar in UT2kx counts down to firing time. Maybe 30 secs or so.
    Or maybe a count down to overload, blowing up in ya face.

    UT99 rocket hold, with a short wait.

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    I always load 2 rockets on my way to the Manta/Raptor, so that I instantly fire a threat at my opponent when I need to get out of the Manta/Raptor.

    With possible 3 Rockets in UT3 it is even more dangerous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=¤willhaven¤=- View Post
    You can hold onto 3 rockets for a quick moment. Pretty much enough to realize they have loaded and to aim them where you want them to go before you accidentally shoot them all into a wall.
    Just thought I'd post that 'cause I'm avoiding real work.

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