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Thread: Big question.

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    Scott Swinyard

    Big question.

    If I bought a used ut2004 disk that someone else had installed and used online, installed it on my pc and tried to go online, would I get blocked because the cd key was already in use?

    If so could I persuade them to give me a new key if I could prove I actually had the disk? If so who would I contact?

    Also does anybody know exactly which versions work with Linux and which don't? Unfortunately I've already learned the hard way that the Midway Dvd version of Editors Choice Edition does not have a Linux installer, so this time I want to get everything right.

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    All ATARI released PC-versions AFAIK can be installed on Linux, as the game used it's own Setup system. Midway wrapped the game into InstallShield, denying the Linux users. As for CD-Key - if the previous owner is honest with you and stopped using the CD-Key there will be no problems. If he/she's not - then you'll have problems.

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