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Thread: Skybox Texture Pack 3

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    Skybox Texture Pack 3

    Name: Skybox Texture Pack 3
    Compatibility: UnrealEd 3.0 (UTX) or other platform (bitmaps)
    Description: Ten 6-sided 1024x1024 skyboxes made with Terragen, WorldMachine and Skypaint, including textures from CTF-1on1-Hourglass and DM-Entropic. Most of them were made around March / April but I didn't get a chance to release them until now I probably won't make any more until Terragen 2 is released.

    Anyone is free to use and/or modify them as long as it's for non-commercial use, and you give credit in the map's readme file. Please read this tutorial if you aren't sure how to set them up in UnrealEd.

    Previous texture packs are available on this page:

    The texture package itself is only meant for convenience - please do not use the textures directly from the package, instead put them in your map's MyLevel package. If you use the textures straight from the file it will result in a 17MB extra download for anyone downloading your map.

    Previews (360°):

    See the full list of 3d previews here

    Credits: Thanks to INIQUITOUS for testing

    Bitmap Downloads:
    UT2k4 Download:

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    Your skyboxes are great quality and a valuble resource. A lot of skybox resources pale in comparison.

    The city one can do with more buildings, I've been waiting for a nice city skybox or some cool silhouette textures.

    Hope people make use of cool, customizable content like this.


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    man i cant wait for terragen2.....
    looks good man

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    Thanks Hazel for another great skybox texture pack!

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    I don't like them, how on earth can I produce a map to equal their excellence

    Quality yet again, well done.


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    Awesome work again mate.
    I have your other two packs, aswell as 3DTex's Skybox packs.
    You can't have enough beautiful Skybox's IMO, and yours are right up there as the best on the net.

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    I can't wait to see some new maps from you Hazel that use these gorgeous skyboxes of yours ... your unnique vision combined with these skyboxes out to make for some really sweet levels. I need some cool new ONS and DM maps to get me back into UT2K4 anyway.

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    I know it probably won't happen, but I would love to see a VCTF map from you!

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    ...damn...marry me Hazel.

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    got it.
    Thanks again hazel !

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