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Thread: A semi round map.

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    Question A semi round map.

    Well, you know since the Warfare maps are going to be large......
    Ok, lets take it like this: A planet is round, a game map in UT2007 is some where in a planet right? So, is it posible to make a semi sphere map that is curve a few degrees? Yeah, players won't notice it, but every small touch counts right? It would be nice if the UE can do it to a already made map...... Makes the sky look a bit more round won't it?

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    Depends on spherical gravity and spherical terrain maps being possible!

    If both of those were possible, spherical(mini planets) and semi spherical maps would be no problem.

    Curvature of a large planet would be inperceptable on ONS/Warfare maps scale.

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    players won't notice it,
    So what would be the point? In fact what’s the point of the thread.
    but every small touch counts right?
    Hmm no not really. It can get to the point its pointless like a lot of maps out there. There is such a thing of over doing it you know.

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    You don't need a map that curves. Epic already had code in place that made objects at a distance shrink out of sight.They will probably make the illusion even better in UT2007.

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    Why not have maps that link seemlessly ?
    You wouldn't need to have 'curved' maps, because the effect is the same.

    The only ones that would ever see the 'curve' would be players in extremely high altitudes. And I think it's a given that we won't have a vehicle that can reach that kind of altitude ... at least not without being blasted to bits before it even got anywhere near.

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    It also differs from planet to planet with smaller planets having almost cliff like horizon where as on bigger planets the horizon could be way higher than on earth. Its probably just easier to use a skybox, fogging and clipping distance then get JaFO's maps that link seamless and bam a planet lolz

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    Hmm, but it will make polygon culling more easier a tiny weeee bit, rofl, ok, its pointless.

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    This thread should wither and die. Not only would you not notice the difference in real life, but the author even said they wouldn't:

    Yeah, players won't notice it

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    Adding something that requires a lot of work and especially if that something is not noticeable and is does not add somethng valuable to gameplay is a waste of money and time. A perfect game is a game that has only those things it needs to have, be it graphics, features, physics etc. No more, no less.

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    Please don't add salt and dig the wound deeper.

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