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Thread: Quake III maps remade for UT2004

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    Originally posted by Daimao
    All right, I think I've found the version I have, it's made by same person:

    Yeah, it should be orange instead of blue, but one of map comments says that screenshot colours are messed up...

    I've been wanting this for ages now, Edge IMO was the best DM map ever made in any game.

    And having it in UT2004, ooooohhhhh I'm gonna be DM'ing tonight!

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    You can vote for longest yard & campgrounds in the East Coast Fragging Server (plain DM, 20 ppl). A lot of TDM servers run campgrounds, thats a LAN tourney map.

    after you d/l it. you can use agent .ini to export it from your cache folder, then you'll have the map for single player.

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    Lightbulb latest links for UT2003/UT2004 maps

    Since I was downloading the Q3 remake maps for UT/UT2003/UT2004 and UT3 anyway, I thought I'd post the updated links I found for UT2003/UT2004 in here (if a map is not listed, then I couldn't find any versions of it for UT2003 or UT2004):

    Q3DM1 - Arena Gate
    DM-2H-ArenaGateBeta (UT2004) >
    DM-Q3DM1 (UT2004) >
    DM-UTeros-ArenaGate (UT2004) >
    - Egyptian theme with way more wide-open space for UT2004; clan type map I think and major problem with floor near the center

    Q3DM2 - House Of Pain
    DM-Q3DM2 (UT2004) >;

    Q3DM3 - Arena Of Death
    DM-Q3DM3-RV2 (UT2004) >;

    Q3DM4 - The Place Of Many Deaths
    DM-Q3DM4 (UT2004) >

    Q3DM6 - The Camping Grounds
    DM-Campgrounds2003-Egypt (UT2003) >;
    DM-Campgrounds2003-LE (UT2003) >;
    DM-Campgrounds2004-G1E (UT2004) >;
    DM-Campgrounds2005-SC1 (UT2004) >;;
    DM-Campgrounds2009-GDE (UT2004) >
    DM-Campgrounds_SF (UT2004) >;
    DM-Campgrounds_urban (UT2004) >;
    DM-f00k-Campgrounds (UT2004) >
    CTF-UCMP2-Campgrounds (UT2004) >
    CTF-MoB-Campgrounds2 (UT2004) > ; just in case you can't get enough Campgrounds.
    DM-Campgrounds2004-classic (UT2004) > ; last one, I promise.
    DM-][-CampGrounds-2K7-][ (UT2004) > http://unrealtournament2004.filefron...ounds2K7;68814 ; ok, now it's getting annoying......I'll stop.

    Q3DM7 - Temple Of Retribution
    DM-Q3DM7 (UT2004) >

    Q3DM13 - Lost World
    DM-LostWorld2K4 (UT2004) >

    Q3DM16 - The Bouncy Map
    DM-TheBouncyMap2003 (UT2003) >;
    DM-TheBouncyMap(2k3) (UT2004) > (actually, it's the same map as above, just different download location)

    Q3DM17 - The Longest Yard
    DM-LongestYard2003 (UT2003) > http://unrealtournament2004.filefron...ke_3_conv;6967
    DM-MF-TheLongestYard (UT2004) >;;
    DM-The_Longest_Yard[v2] (UT2004) >
    DM-TheLongestYard (by Odedge) (UT2004) >
    DM-LIP-Q3DM17 (by LIPRampage) (UT2004) >

    Q3DM18 - Space Chamber
    CTF-Q3dm18 (SpaceChamber) (UT2004) >

    Q3Tourney2 - The Proving Grounds
    DM-Q3Tourney2 (UT2004) >

    Q3Tourney3 - Hell's Gate
    DM-HellsGate (UT2003) >
    DM-HellsGate][k3 (UT2003) >;
    DM-Q3Tourney3 (UT2004) >;

    Q3Tourney4 - Vertical Vengeance
    DM-PT4V2 (UT2004) >

    Q3Tourney5 - Fatal Instinct
    DM-1on1-FatalInstinct(2k3) (UT2003) >
    DM-FatalInstinct (by GreenLoves04) (UT2004) >;;
    DM-FatalInstinct (by Sin) (UT2004) >
    DM-Q3Tourney5 (UT2004) >; http://unrealtournament2004.filefron...Tourney5;55132

    Q3Tourney6 - The Very End Of You
    DM-1on1-TheVeryEndOfYou (UT2004) >;;
    CTF-BeyondReality (UT2004) >;

    Q3CTF1 - Dueling Keeps
    CTF-FP-DuelingKeeps (UT2004) >;;

    Q3CTF4 - Space CTF
    CTF-SpaceCTF (UT2004) >

    The...the...the...the...that's all folks!!!

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    Don't forget DM-fOOk_Campgrounds (THE BEST VERSION)

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    Private Tux

    Nice to find those Quake III map remakes man!

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    why u don't create a pack, or a mod, it's realy logn to donwload map by map and it's not sure to thelink will be all a life !!

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    So download now while you can. Go Nuts!

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    New link for Q3CTF4 (same map as above): Download link/Discussion thread

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    Michael Slash
    I knew an Invasion server called InterHouse 3 years ago, it had if not ALL, almost every map from a Quake game. And also the monsters were taken from Quake as well. But now it's not on anymore, I'm just here to tell you that there is a load of them but Idk where they are right now.

    Even thought, there are still half a dozen online I believe.

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    Just wanted to let people know I just added LIPRampage's DM-LIP-Q3DM17 to the list above. His review will be posted in his thread tonight.

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