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Thread: Weapon request: Singularity Cannon from U2

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    Talking Weapon request: Singularity Cannon from U2

    Hi, I have just playing Unreal II and I had the idea of get the Singularity Cannon to UT2004. Is it possible to anyone make a mutator that replaces the Reedemer for the SC? If it is, I took some pics of the weapon. Here they are:

    The weapon:

    Holding the weapon:

    It charging:

    The Primary Shoot:

    Also I found a site that contains the script of the weapon.
    click here

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    That looks a little safer than the vortex grenade from Chaos UT. I would like to see it make also.

    "Wormhole Weapons do not make peace! They don't even make war! They make, total annihilation!"~~John Crichton from Farscape

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    U4E has a Quantum Singularity Generator that does pretty much the same thing (and more, afaik)...

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    that is similar, but not the same
    Anyone cares to make this mutator?:cry:

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