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Thread: lots and lots of trees

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    lots and lots of trees

    well im am now learning the hard way why there are so ferw forest maps out there.

    in my map i have roughly 3429 trees (381 antalus trees groups) of coarse now i get a bout 20 FPSD on my Radeaon 9200

    so what i need to know is how to fix this without going in and giving each and every single 3429 trees a simplified collision with blocking volumes. there must be some way to get the FPS up without sacrificing too many trees however i will get rid of a few ifd nessisary

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    The problem I think is the overlay of the leaves: the leaves are semi transparent, so when leaves are in front of leaves are in front of leaves, things get rather tricky to calculate. The only option you have is, I think to ditch a whole load of trees.

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    maybe u could use distance fog..

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    im a noob so i dont really know what im talking about but couldnt you use a skybox with like, trees everywhere on the bottom half like grendel has mountians? and yea use a fog :noob: i was gona make a forrest map but thought it would be too hard. you could always set it in a vally so you dont have to include as many trees.

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    For skybox trees, check out Rankin's skybox.

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    Make sure the tree foliage uses a MASKED texture instead of an ALPHA texture. That should make it significantly faster.

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    DistanceFog at around 8000 units + CullDistance if neccessary. Rigidized skeletal meshes with low poly LOD meshes also can be fast, but they render extremely slowly in editor 2D wireframe viewports.

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    ad zone portals so much u can it will unload trees if u arent looking at that side u can test and see if it works by typing (only ofline) in console


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    Re: lots and lots of trees

    Originally posted by inventor209
    simplified collision with blocking volumes. there must be some way to get the FPS up
    Collision only lowers the FPS when a player touches it. And it isn't even that much considering the antalus trees are pretty lowpoly.

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    You say on your 'Tree-B-Gone' thread that you have solved the tree FPS issue.

    I also have made a map; VCTF-PaintBall that has a lot of trees on it, could you please explain how you solved the problem, as I may be able to incorporate it into my map.


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