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Thread: YARM / TD Vehicle Pack UPDATE Released May 31 2014 [BETA Ver 128][DL][PICS]

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    Herr General
    I can't send some emitters to you if your PM inbox is full.

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    Status update of what will be in the next release:
    1. Per Herr General's request I've added the option to switch between shell types for the tank (HE, Sabot/Anti-vehicle, Coax Machine Gun), so the secondary fire zoom is back in. Also, included some new effects for the shells (thanks Herr General!)
    2. I've moved the flag positions for the HMMWV and IFAV to the back of the vehicle.
    3. Bots will ride along as passengers in weaponless vehicle positions now when you command them to cover you.
    4. Mutator code has been updated to allow you to swap out whichever default & ECE vehicle you want with any of the TD ones (or leave the default vehicle, or remove altogether).

    I've begun work on an AH-6 Littlebird helicopter, not sure when it will be included yet. It will come in two flavors: Attack, and personnel transport (like the manta).

    If you have any other recommendations please make them soon if you them to be considered!

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    Herr General
    What about an artillery, such as the M109 to replace the SPMA? If you can implement multiple ammo types for that, even better. Cluster shells, standard HE, smokescreen/incendiary (white phosphorous).

    EDIT: oh wait, I already suggested that. Sorry.

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    New updated version, see first post for link.
    1. New independent suspension tank along with switchable round types (HE, SABOT, and coax MG)
    2. Bots will ride in vehicle passenger seats now (IFAV, HMMWV, Raven copter)
    3. Mutator options improved
    4. Bots stop firing the Machine Guns when their enemy is out of sight (this was a bug in most UT2k4 code actually)
    5. More dedicated passenger seats added to the Raven Helicopter (now holds up to 7 players)
    6. New flag positions for IFAV and HMMWV
    7. Exit positions adjusted for most of the vehicles
    8. Headlight texture and coronas added to the tank

    The link in the first post should work but it may take gamefront a while to actually make the file available. Have fun and leave feedback!

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    Herr General
    Quick pic of the independent suspension. I really like the changes to everything- keep it up!

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    This pack and especially it's tank are just awesome. Incredibly awesome. This is a plain must-have for all fans of vehicular combat. I will replace the Goliath with the MBT in EVERY game from now on, it's just so kewl!
    Purrfect job you did there, meowcat. I wonder if it can get any better than this. Seems almost impossible to me!

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    IFAV has two bugs.
    The following bot doesn't seem to shoot the mounted gun. HMMV works fine.
    The passenger seat's seems wrong - the face is behind the upper seat!

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    1337 crew
    Hi, I really like these vehicles specialy the HMMWV (Humvee) but I have one small question of it. Did you coded the "hopping/shaking" in idle state? Because comparing to older version (before/around 2010 where isn't Raven/UH-60 Black Hawk but Humvee have doors), in the latest two releases: when I'm in the car as driver and don't move, it's "hopping" and sometimes after exiting vehicle, it's still "hopping", and the mentioned old release at the same situation it stand still. Also, the CL5 shows me three MBT90. Is there a difference between them?

    And, some my ideas for this:
    1. Humvee with minigun and MK19GL instead of the (probably) M2
    2. Doorless version of the Humvee, same as above but with passenger ability to shoot (also change) with their weapons (like in the Halo series)
    3. Give miniguns as primary and rockets as secondary weapons to Raven (instead of guided? missile and hellfire)

    BTW, it's a great mod.

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    I have found a tank driving sound and a turret rotation sound, and they don't seem to be from a game, so you could use them I guess.
    Mediafire link
    They are already converted to a loop.

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    Hi All,
    @ Baryonyx: Thank you for the compliments, I'm glad you like the tank. I'll try our the tank sounds in the next release.

    @ arbee: hmm, not really sure what to say as the code for both the top mounted M2 on the HMMWV and IFAV turret are basically identical (the range might be different though, I'll check it out). I'll also check the passenger seat location, as you can tell the default UT2k4 player animations are not really set up for any other vehicles where the legs would be straight down...

    @ 1337 crew: I noticed the "jiggly" HMMWV too, I don't remember seeing that before (or making any real changes for a very very long time to the HMMWV code). It seems to be more pronounced when my FPS are really low. Of the three MBT listed, you will probably want the one that has "_tracked" in its name as that is the one with the independent suspension. I might add different versions of the HMMWV with different turret weapons (minigun and MK19) but no promises just yet. I won't be changing the Raven any more (at least I don't plan to), but I will be adding an AH6 little bird with miniguns and rockets. Passenger firing their own weapons will pretty much not work without very, very ugly code hacks (which I had in a version of the hummer from back in 2004). If this were a standalone total conversion mod, then absolutely yes I would include the feature to fire your own weapons, but since I'm trying to maintain compatibility with other mods/mutators etc. I don't think I will be including this.

    I'm also kicking around replacing the CH46 test copter with a CH53 to act as a Leviathan replacement. It will have at least three passenger gunners (maybe two more to use 20mm cannons mounted above the fuel pods, and a co-pilot with a 30mm nose mounted cannon) and be able to carry at least 12-14 players.

    Changes for the next release:
    1. Team skins for the Raven Helicopter
    2. Fixed network bug for the tank (properly showing the weapon selected)
    3. *probably* will include the AH-6 Littlebird light attack copter
    4. Different targeting cross-hairs for the MBT Turret (slightly different to make it easier to differentiate from driving the tank)

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